Monday, September 29, 2008

New Job New Home

Today was my first day at Sight and Sound. Orientation was thankfully short. We went through a ton of HR paperwork (like any other job), watched a video on the history of the company, had a tour of the place, and got to meet the founder, Glenn Eshelman. After the initial orientation, my new boss Jack allowed me to go have lunch with Kelly. We decided to go for pizza since it is right across the street from the B&B (and our new place). Thankfully the pizza place is not pink. After lunch I went back to Sight and Sound. Jack gave me another tour and introduced me to most of the production team. I also saw my new desk which will soon be filled with my assorted novelties.

Tonight we were able to get the keys to our new place. Woo Hoo!

Here is a picture of the living room.

Living room from another angle.

The "guest" bedroom. It's in quotations because we'll need a guest in it first. (HINT HINT)

Our bedroom.

And finally the kitchen.

It is very cute and all of you, by reading this, are now legally bound to visit us here. Muahahaha! We also have a finished attic but the light was out and it's pretty creepy in the dark so pictures of that will come tomorrow.


Morrissette said...

darn you why didn't you warn me I would have to visit you if i read the blog! Now I ahve to go against my religion. Cursed once again. The place is very cute though. I wou;dn't mind having an apt like that. love you guys and miss you

Morrissette said...

p.s. ignore all the typos i am exhausted!!!!! love you again -jay

Anonymous said...

Love the daily blogs. Love the guest room and the master bedroom... DING? *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Still waiting for the pic of you in front of the Intercourse, PA sign. You have 30 days to accomplish this task or else I will have you chased down by a guy named Shaymus driving a horse drawn buggy.

P.S. Go Angels... and Dodgers. Play off time baby!!!


Anonymous said...

YOu can pencil me in for Spring, I shall make a visit to my homeland around then! Cute Apartment!

Love ya Dana

Anonymous said...

Really, Really Nice. Looks like "Knotty Pine" for the wood walls
I can't show Susan this or I'm in deep trouble!!!!!!!!!
Love you guys, Dad

Bridgette CIAJ said...

Warning... I come with 2 crazy kids!
AND... I might actually come!!!
Bridge :)