Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A quick break from moving in

This morning we woke up and bid adeu to the Strasburg Village Inn. We had to drive all the way across the street to start unpacking the Honda. Oh the humanity!

After we cleared most of the car out we decided to get some food into our fridge, we've had enough Kentucky Fried Chicken to last a lifetime. We headed to the local Costco, yes I said Costco. No I'm not lying... Where do you think we live, Amish Country?

Costco is only 7 miles away which is a 15 minute drive unless you get stuck behind an Amish buggy and then it's like an hour away. That happens often... the Amish buggy in front of you, not the going to Costco. Some notes on Amish Country Costco:
  1. English Hothouse Cucumbers are 1/3 cheaper than the OC.
  2. There are SO avocados outside of California! We were very happy.
  3. Edamame is almost unheard of in this state but we found some, unfortunately they're double the price from the OC.
  4. The Amish-land liquor section of Costco fits all on one shelf as opposed to the 2 aisles in the OC.
  5. Snow gear is sold... what's that?
  6. No one was shopping in heels and/or tight jeans.
At the end of our shopping extravaganza Kelly got a little produce happy. I think everything in our fridge is green. Thank God the fridge itself is not green - which was, in fact, one of Kelly's fears in home shopping.

My boss Jack and a few co-workers came to help us move the few heavy things that we brought with us up the stairs. We've got a few more boxes to unpack, a sofa and dresser to buy and we should have a pretty great home!

To celebrate moving day, Kelly and I treated ourselves to some treats at the local Creamery.

I had a fresh strawberry and brownie sundae... and part of Kelly's ice cream cone. They serve such huge scoops of homemade ice cream that she couldn't finish.

But if you know Kelly, you know that she can drink a lot of water. Cute fountain!

Well, that's it for today! We're heading back home to keep on unpacking and settling in. We'll post more pictures of our cute new place tomorrow....and stay tuned for the parade on Saturday. That promises to be a day of fun and some pretty amazing pictures.


Bridgette CIAJ said...

You two make life seem like such an adventure. Makes me want to write and travel. Oh wait... I get carsick... never mind.

Morrissette said...

where's my ice cream????? LOL glad you guys are starting o enjoy the new place. I'll see you soon love ya jay

Bridgette CIAJ said...

Did blogger get blocked or YOUR blog. That's hysterical!

Melissa said...

That ice cream place is adorable! I see it every time we drive up to 30. Haven't gone in yet though. We moved to Quarryville a year ago from outside Philadelphia. We love it here ~ so beautiful. I'd rather be stuck behind an Amish buggy in Lancaster County than sitting in traffic back in Delaware County.

I've really enjoyed reading about your travels. Feel like I saw the country without having to pay for the gas. :)

Welcome to Amish-land!