Friday, September 19, 2008

Road Trip Day 1 (Orange County, CA to Williams, AZ)

Well the plan was to leave at 7AM but when you don't factor in time to say goodbye to family then you end up leaving at noon.

So off we go departing from Yorba Linda, CA toward Williams, AZ.
Todays route: East CA-91, North I-15, East I-40.

Our first pit-stop and gas-fill (we didn't start on a full tank) was Hesperia, CA. The Hesperia Dairy Queen was a necessity after a sad start to the day. Kelly had a Chocolate-Covered Cherry Blizzard and I had an Ultimate Chocolate Blizzard. So we had dessert in the desert.

As we continued on in the Mojave we took a picture to say goodbye to the California Desert.

Here I am at the "historic" Needles, California sign. We decided that Needles may have been a nice town at one time.
Since Needles is basically the last sign of life in California before hitting John McCain's state, we quickly ran into our first "Welcome To" sign.
Not far beyond the AZ border is the town of Kingman which thrives off of Route-66 tourism. Although the Visitor Center is supposed to be open until 6PM someone decided to tape up a 5PM sign and so we missed the fabulousness that might have been inside. Outside I was treated with a 3333.33 feet above sea level sign.
Beyond Kingman is Seligman, AZ; another Route-66 town. Here we found a true Route-66 gem; Delgadillo's Snow Cap Inn. We were hoping to try out their "dead chicken" but unfortunately it too was closed. Check out how amazing this place is!

So for dinner we settled for the next best diner in Seligman:
'nuff said.

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Bridgette CIAJ said...

I kept meaning to log in and watch all this unfold, so I am tardy in comments. Ron, you're a good writer and those restaurants sure are a hoot. I'm not sure I could eat at "dead chicken" or "roadkill" -- my stomach is turning just thinking about it.