Saturday, September 20, 2008

Road Trip Day 2 (Williams, AZ to Albuquerque, NM)

Well, after a little more crying on the phone with mom and dad, a good night's sleep at the base of the Grand Canyon, a long hot shower, and a cozy breakfast in our tummies we were ready to hit the road again.

Our first stop was at none other than Flinstone's Bedrock City.

Pebbles Kelly

You betcha' I was cruisin' around in the Flinstone's Mobile. Yabba Dabba Doo!

Ron at Fred & Wilma's house.

This was one sweet Dino-slide - weeeee!

And then we were off to the Grad Canyon. I had never been here before and had it set up to be a breathtaking and amazing experience. Not to say that I was dissapointed, but if I was to experience this amazing place again, I would want to spend a few days exploring all of the wonderful scenery, hiking and watching the sun rise and set. I'm still very happy to have seen this beautiful place.

Who doesn't love the Eagles? Here I am "Standing on a Corner in Winslow Arizona...." Such a fine sight to see. ;o)

Ron was excited to stop in Holbrook (yes, that's the same Holbrook that inspired "Radiator Springs" in the Disney-Pixar film, "Cars.") Do those teepees look familiar?

And soon after we hit New Mexico! Here we visited with Ron's Cousins and Grandmother in Albuquerque. It's great to stop and see family to make us feel more at home during this transitional time.

It's been so great to see even just this little section of the country. I am so excited for the trip that lies ahead of us; the fun roadside attractions, the historical sites, seeing Kelly, Mark and Macy, and setting up a new home.

Mental Health Update: I am feeling a little better. I still miss my friends and especially my parents. I appreciate all of the calls and texts and comments. I still am not myself and even though I am enjoying this time with my husband and seeing all of the wonderful sights along the way, I am still nervous about living so far away form everyone and everything I have ever known. Prayers appreciated!

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Janette Morrissette said...

Man! I wish I went to Bedrock with you guys it looked like way too much fun! I guess I'll just have to make a road trip to see you guys and happen to stop by to say hello to Fred and Wilma! Love you and Miss you terribly! Keep having fun!