Monday, September 22, 2008

Road Trip Day 3 (Albuquerque, NM to Oklahoma City, OK)

A big thank you to Karen and Greg for putting us up for the night! Karen is my cousin (Uncle Jimmy's daughter) and currently is taking care of Grandma. Much to their dismay I forced a photo in the wee hours of the morning before Kelly and I hit the road again.

Albuquerque is beautiful and you can see the hot air balloons right from Karen's house!

As we drove the I-40 we discovered this very conscientious rest-stop.

For lunch we pulled back onto old route 66 and ventured into Tucumcari, New Mexico. Tucumcari is the quintessential Route 66 town and it was here we found the "Route 66 Monument."

We were also able to enjoy lunch at the La Cita Mexican Hat restaurant. Kelly had a quesadilla and I had enchilladas (Tex-Mex style of course).

Eventually we came to Texas!

Outside of Amarillo and off of I-40, in a random cow pasture, we came to the Cadillac Ranch.

For those big eaters you can head to The Big Texan and try to down their 72oz steak. If you finish it in under an hour it's free.

I guess someone got jealous of the Cadillacs because we found a similar sight, later on, but consisting of VW's.

In Groom, Texas we visited the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere. In this photo, at the base of the cross is a little dot. That dot is Kelly. The thing is giant, can be seen from miles away, and is 19 stories tall.

Getting weary after a long days drive we finally came to Oklahoma. It's OK.

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Christy*Soon to be* Searcy said...

I MISS YOU!!!!!!! I want to say come home but you are so far away now!!! looks like you guys are having a good time and the pictures are GREAT!!!

I love you safe and have fun!

P.S. you missed Wayne getting really really drunk on Saturday! hehehehe.....he got sick! :)