Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Road Trip Day 4 (Oklahoma City, OK to Branson, MO)

Let's get one thing straight - If you are moving across country and you miss your home, family and friends terribly and you cry like three times a day - DO NOT go to see sad and depressing memorials based on tragic deaths of other people's loved ones. This will in fact create a general foul mood for the rest of the day. Not fun.

Despite the overwhelming sadness that this brought, seeing the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial was something I would not have wanted to miss. Below is one side of the pool of refelections. It says "9:03" and the wall on the opposite end says "9:01" - at 9:02 the bomb went off and that minute changed history. Inside the museum, we heard the actual recording of the bombing and the chaos that ensued. It was truly tragic.

Here is the field of chairs - one for each person whose life was lost. The small chairs represent the children who were kiled.

On a lighter note, Ron and I stopped to visit a winery in Okemah, Oklahoma. Who knew there were wineries outside California?! We tasted all of their wines and decided that they were pretty yucky except for the Savignon Blanc, so we bought a bottle just for kicks.

Then on to Arkansas. It's a surprisingly beautiful state....with less than surprisingly toothless people. Ok, ok, we didn't see anyone lacking teeth, but there were some interesting make-up jobs there.

And finally we entered Missouri! We were so excited to see the White Family - and meet Macy! Stay tuned for The New Adventures of the Two Kelly Fanchers!

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Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. It's nice to see parts of the country that I may never see first hand.

Here's to Amish~Land!