Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Road Trip Day 6 (Branson, MO to St. Louis, MO)

We were so lucky to be able to visit with the White Family for two days, get some rest, get in some time with my favorite friend/cousin and see 5-week-old Macy. We would have loved to visit for days on end but we had to say goodbye and get "on the road again."

On our way out of town we stopped off at a place that claimed to be "The World's Largest Gift Store," which was really an antique mall with some other crap shoved in. They did however have this cool Caddy which was originally owned by Lucielle Ball.

We also stopped off at this unique roadside attraction. I'm not sure what the attraction was, but all the same we stoped and took pictures with this weird chicken-car in Doolittle, MO.

Finally we arrived in St. Louis - We knew we were getting close when we saw the Arch in the distance. Our hotel is right across the street and we are looking forward to riding up in it to see the sights from the top tomorrow.

We were pretty hungry when we arrived and it was early enought to head out to Washington Blvd. in St. Louis' Downtown area and have a light dinner at an Irish Pub. Ron enjoyed a perfectly poured Guiness. Check out that head!

There's the sign for the Pub - Dublins.

Off to bed with us for the evening. We need a good long night's rest so we can see more of out beautiful country tomorrow.

Sidenote: I still miss my parents and friends terribly and I'm very homesick. Ron seems more excited about this new life than I feel and while I know God's plan is at hand, I could sure use the prayers and good thoughts for me and my parents as we adjust to this move across the country.

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