Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Road Trip Day 5 (Branson, MO)

Finally, a day of rest from driving! (And we got to sleep in a little)

Baby Macy Elizabeth White is only 1 month old and is one of the cutest babies we've ever seen. Kelly says that she is a little partial to her because she has the "Fancher Forehead.

For lunch Mark & Kelly took us to Lambert's which is famous for its "throwed rolls." They literally roam the dining room with a cart of rolls and chuck them at you. It was southern cookin' and a lot of fun. So far its been our favorite place to eat on our trip.

Not far from Lambert's is the Wilson Creek Battlefield. This was the site of the first battle west of the Mississippi during the civil war. The Confederates won the battle but the losses were so heavy on both sides that the Union was still able to keep Missouri under northern control.

That evening I arranged for us to see "Noah: The Musical" at the Sight & Sound theatre in Branson. Dan, the production manager, came out to meet us at the intermission and took us on a backstage tour. Everyone there was very nice and those that had moved from PA to open this theatre all said that they would go back to PA in a heartbeat.

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Steve said...

"Noah, the Musical", huh? Is that starring Steve Carell? Looks like you're having a good time. We miss you.