Thursday, September 25, 2008

Road Trip Day 7 (St. Louis, MO to Columbus, OH)

Last night we had another fortunate incident of Hotwire coming through for us. We stayed at the Omni Majestic Hotel in St. Louis and saved over $100 off of their website's price. Yay us!

The hotel was only a few blocks from the Jefferson Expansion Memorial and the St. Louis Arch. Here I am in front of the old court house where the Dred Scott case took place.

View of the Gateway Arch from the Courthouse.

Anyone who knows Kelly, knows that she and tight/confined spaces do not go well together. She did surprisingly well, however, in the "elevator" to the top of the Arch. Fortunately we had gotten up early and got the first ride to the top.

See, she made it!

View from the top.

Illinois is, by far, the crappiest state. Their stupid sign was very small and hung from a beam in the middle of bridge. How lame!

Indiana was much better.
Today is Mike's (Kelly's Dad's) birthday. Happy Birthday! We ate White Castle in your honor.
Ohio was another lame state to enter but at least we could see the sign, in advance, to take a picture of it.
We were able to take a photo of this lovely rest stop!
Currently we're in the Best Western in Northern Columbus and have decided that although it's listed as a 3 star it should be a 2 1/2. Tomorrow we head to our new home state Pennsylvania!

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