Saturday, September 27, 2008

Road Trip Day 8 & 9 (Columbus, OH to Strasburg, PA)

Well, after night in Columbus, Ohio (and by interesting I mean that the hotel we stayed at had sticky floors, strange odors, two small beds and a barking dog next door), we hit the road again. We made a stop at the Degenhart Museum - where you can pay a dollar to look at glass and paperweights behind (close friends and family, expect gifts *wink*)

We did hit a small portion of West Virginia and had planned to take our ritual "Welcome Sign" photograph, but we regretfully passed the sign to avoid being run off the road by a crazed semi-truck driver who was intent on killing us and everyone else around him. He got to see a few of our fingers. I won't say specifically which ones.

*enter imaginary photo of us by West Virginia sign here*

We also found a little dissapointment in the Pennsylvania "welcome" sign because there was no shoulder to pull onto, so we settled for the welcome center sign again. It said to smile. Ron did.

Me, a little less so. But I tried.

This didn't exactly make me smile more, but I was very glad to see it. These are photos of the Flight 93 crash memorial. It's a temporary spot and there are plans in place to build a permanent one. God bless our nations heroes!

And finally we arrived in Strasburg, PA. We are currently staying in the quintessential Bed & Breakfast as we search for a new home.

And by "The Quintessential B&B," I mean, eyelet curtains, ancient furniture, TONS of tacky wallpaper, a 4-poster canopy bed with plenty of crochet, and PINK - pink carpet, pink, curtains, pink railing, pink floorboards, pink crown moulding, pink, pink and more pink. (It looks like a flamingo threw up in here! -- Bette Midler/CC Bloom; Beaches)

So, that's where we are. Ron's doing great and is excited to start work on Monday. I bought a book and plenty of water.

Please pray for us to find a wonderful place to live, for new friends and for me to adjust.

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