Sunday, October 12, 2008

AC to the DC

One of the best things about living in South East Pennsylvania is that we are so close to so many places. Rehearsals were going well at work and the show director decided to give everyone Saturday off. Since Kelly had never been to Washington, D.C. we decided to head over there since it's only two hours away.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early, had some bagels and cream cheese for breakfast, and hit the road. Now, had we still been in So Cal our trip would have begun on a freeway, not so for Lancaster County. We started our trip by making a left out of our driveway and heading straight for... farmland. Thank goodness for google maps because we had to drive 20 miles through rural America before hitting a highway.

Just about one mile away from home we came across a hot air balloon floating over the Amish farms.

Not far into the trip we hit Maryland! Since we're only 20 miles away from the state line I imagine we will have future excursions there. Maryland was very pretty and had some very nice towns in it. As we drove through we found out that Baltimore has a Cruise ship port. Perhaps a trip to Bermuda is in order.

Maryland, by the way, seems to only have unmarked highway patrol cars and they were out in full force! We didn't have to worry since we weren't speeding but we did see cars get pulled over by a Lincoln Navigator, a Ford Mustang, and a Dodge Magnum.

When we got into D.C. and headed straight for the White House. Not two seconds after we got in front of the gate we were told that the street was shutting down. For those who keep up on these things, the G7 was meeting to discuss the current financial crisis. So basically financial leaders from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and Canada were all in Washington, D.C. at the same time as us. Needless to say, you coudn't fart without the Secret Service or the Metro PD shooing you away.

Here is our illegal photo in front of the White House (we took it on the run).

It was lunchtime so we of course had to buy polish sausages from a street vendor. You can see the Washington Monument in the background of this photo.

After our brief lunch we crossed the street to the DAR museum.

Rounding Constitution Avenue we stopped at the Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial.

Abe and I.

Abe's view of town.

The newest memorial in D.C. is the World War II memorial. I'm not sure why it took so long to get this one up but it looked amazing. Kelly's favorite pillar got a hug.

On our next trip we're going to focus more time on the Smithsonians. Here is Kelly in front of the Smithsonian Castle.

The Smithsonians are truly amazing. Since this was just a quick trip we only got to go into the National Museum of Natural History. The Hope Diamond, amongst other treasures, is housed there. It was extremely crowded with kids so I think next time we'll go on a weekday.

The FBI used to give a tour of its office but since 9-11 all you can do is stare from the outside. I'm fairly sure 40 or so cameras were on me for this photo.

Ford's Theater is under renovation until February but we were able to visit the Peterson House were Lincoln was brought after he was shot. The sign on the table says "President Lincoln died in this room at 7:22 am on April 15, 1865.

I met up with a friend after dinner.

We weren't quite sure what to do with our evening so we took a night tour of the monuments and memorials. Everything looks amazing at night.

Here is the Korean War Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial can be seen across the entire National Mall.

Here I am at the FDR Memorial... is this bad?

Kelly stood in line for some handouts.

Here is the Washington Monument from across the Potomoc River.

The city is full of history and its very exciting that we're so close by. To sees for next time: White House tour (need to get a group of 10 together and bug my member of Congress), US Capitol Building tour, Arlington National Cemetery, the other Smithsonians (that will have to be over multiple trips), the National Archives, and the Library of Congress.

If you have other suggestions on things to see let us know!


The Westerns said...

Hey! Cassidy is in D.C. for her 8th grade trip. You could have run into her yesterday - that would have been a riot! Tomorrow they go to Gettysburg and...wait for it...Amish Country! I wonder how close they'll be to you guys! I told her you were in Lancaster County and she said she'd watch for you! I wish I knew where they were going. Maybe she'll text me and I'll let you know. I'll send you her itinerary. It's amazing all that they are doing and I'm sure i'll see some photos like those posted on your blog. I love DC and have been able to go there about 10 times. I have spent probably 40 days there or maybe even more. I love it. I hope to get back to visit and stay in the guest room some time soon. Does it sleep 5? LOL. Miss you guys. The apple crisp looked fab too and I'll be praying about the wedding gig.

Anonymous said...

I have been to DC twice - once as a 9 yr old with my family taking the bus tour of the national monuments - the zoo (Ling Ling and Shing Shing were new way back in the day)and one of the Smithonians (with the space and airplane stuff).

I revisited 9 yrs ago - one of my best buddies (also a CA transplant who gets homesick still occaisonally after 10 yrs in Maryland)and we took the train to DC put her two kids in strollers and walked a huge cirlce and visited all of the monuments - in fact - Kelly I too had to stand in line for handouts! :) The WW2 memorial was there yet - the FDR and Korean mem's were the newest ones i think. Two days later we did Gettysburg with her hubby and kids.

It is amaazing how much history is so close together!!

Happy Exploring!

Jeff Slagle said...

I love the pics from DC Ron. However I'm disappointed there is no pic of you next to the Washington "ding" Monument. Oh well... next time.


Anonymous said...

I am super jealous. I have never been to Washington DC.
The more you guys put on this blog the more that I desire to move back east. A thing I have sworn for years that I would never do.
Love ya Daddy-0

champagne said...


Steve said...

I've been to DC more times than I care to count. (Growing up in Baltimore means multiple trips there yearly.) The Air & Space Museum is by far the coolest of the Smithsonians. And, no matter how much you want to, do NOT walk all the way up the Washington Monument. Trust me on this one.