Saturday, October 4, 2008

Amish, Auctions, Alfalfa

We started off today deciding we would emerse ourselves in our new community. Today is the 275th Anniversary of the founding of Strasburg. Many festivities were awaiting us.

Our first stop was the Strasburg Fire Company Annual Quilt Auction held at the Strasburg Fire Company #1 (which we must point out that we don't think there is a Fire Company #2, 3, or any other number). When we arrived we found that the non-Amish were definately outnumbered.

The boys here kept wondering what was so amazing about Kelly that deserved a picture.

The quilt auction ended up having more than just quilts to bid on. The merchandise was carefully guarded.
We needed some furniture so we sat at one of the auction posts and were entertained by this extremely funny auctioneer (not funny looking, just funny all around - He also made auction jokes).
I've decided that we are experts at the auction because we got this amish made shelving unit for only $7! Amish furniture is some of the best made and other items at the auction were going for well over $100, how we got this at such a bargain, I'll never know.
We also had a little Amish boy, named Levi, help us bring the shelves to our car. He had a wagon and offered to help.
After the auction we had lunch at Cracker Barrel and relaxed until the 4 o'clock parade.
Amish on their way to the parade, because really... who doesn't love a parade?
The parade began with a military colorguard and the Strasburg High/ Jr. High Band. Following them was this random military jeep complete with gun.

The sponsers... um... float?
A string of old-time cars. Notice the very ancient late-90's mustang.
I noticed that the Union Army gave some time off for its soldiers to watch the parade. I'd like to note that there were no re-enactments that day and these guys weren't in the parade at all either.
Some of our Amish neighbor boys particularly liked the civic band on a semi trailer.
Of course the cub scouts were in full force and made their own float.

These 3 little girls later sat next to us for the fireworks show. They were extremely friendly and filled us in on all of the firework testing.
What parade is complete without a hillbilly blue grass band on a wagon with mums and pumpkins?
The local Republican float. I'd like to note that there was no Democrat float because they might have possibly been linched.

A local church had a band and mobile puppet show.

They were followed by this... drill team?
I don't know if this kid was supposed to be in the parade but he and his sister were driving along and were stinkin' cute.
Sight and Sound provided the finale unit to the parade.

Our day ended with the "Gigantic Fireworks Extravaganza" which was very nice. We got to watch them from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (which we've decided we'll visit soon).

Overall it was a fantastic day in small town America!


Morrissette said...

you can send me that shelving unit for christmas! It's beautiful! I like your new neighbors and the parade looked pretty darn stinkin awesome. Continue to have fun with your new town. love you guys

Anonymous said...

Your town is AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to see it! I miss you guys so much! And remember will get easier. We're only a phone call away!! xoxo

Christy said...

The anonymous person was me! I forgot my password when i left the comment...hehehehe...silly me!

Rustin said...

nothing like a small town parade... I love it!

toothlessinphelan said...

Is it true that Al Gore invented the Amish Nation? Well you seem in the middle of Penns Woodland and it beautiful. Winter is coming so remember the word thermal when going shopping. I suggest that Kelly gets involved in the community in some fashion, perhaps as a volunteer or activist, that will help to get homesickness out of your system and it is a good way to make friends. Since the bear is made of Wrightwood pine, perhaps you could name him Cal(ifornia) or splinter, or Knothead, perhaps Barney but whatever you do don't name him Sue. Well Amish you guys, enjoy this chapter of your life.

Bridgette CIAJ said...

You guys are so brave to move across the country... such an adventure!!!!! hugs