Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Parade

There's nothing better than a small town America parade...again.

Yes, this town has a parade for just about everything. If you thought the 275th Anniversary Parade was swell, take a look at this Halloween extravaganza!

There's the bluegrass band again.

And a parade in Strasburg is hardly complete without this classic float.

Here's the 1st place group (not to be confused with the 1st place float)

Ahh yes, the Miss Strasburg float. (Don't worry, it was a joke. Miss Guided won the contest beating out Miss Informed and Miss Behave for the title.)

We particularly loved the classic combination of Star Wars bounty hunters...and Elmo.

The 2nd place float

The wholesome hometown cheerleaders.

The Strasburg Women's Club decided to dress in their PJ's and enter the parade as a sleepover party. Clever.

Something about pancakes... I don't get it.

Vendors served up hot dogs, popcorn and sodas for the parade-goers to enjoy.

Yah, that's Sarah Palin and John McCain. Go Red!

The 1st Place float. Go Vote!

Again, the parade is not complete without certain a tractor.

Oh and a backhoe. Very important.

The Obama float - complete with secret servicemen patting people down.

This float was designed around this kid in his skunk costume.

Eat your veggies! They screamed that from the float. I don't get it.

I ain't afraid of no ghost!

The Ghostbuster-mobile

Yes, the high school marching band was dressed up as a variety of animals and creatures. One kid just toilet papered his trombone.

Well, that's the update from the cornfields! Happy Halloween! Be safe, have fun and send candy.

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