Friday, October 3, 2008

The Move, Moving Along

Well, Ron has written the last few posts because I have had such a hard time adjusting to our new life. Despite my relentless homesickness, missing my friends and parents on a daily (hourly, momently) basis, I know that we did do the right thing.

I went for a walk today (Ron's 1st full day at work and my 1st full day home alone) after the cable guy came to hook up our TV and internet (woo hoo!) and I was able to take my time and really SEE our new town for some of the special things that it is. I wish I had brought the camera because there were some places I wish I could show you...but you'll see them eventually.

For now a few more photos of our "adventures" and our home will have to suffice.

For the first time in my concious life I have to use a laundrymat to do the laundry. I told Ron that along with anything that involves snow, this is his job. As you can see, this time was a team effort. While laundrymats may be clean and more of the "norm" in Strasburg, I'm still all for in-home laundry and our next move will surely include a washer and dryer.

That, along with browising though an incredible Amish-made furniture store (WOW! If you need good, well-made furniture at a reasonable - though not exactly cheap - price, Amish is so the way to go!), and visiting a Ruby Tuesday in one of the many outlet malls down the street (no tax on clothes ladies!), concluded our adventures of Thursday.

Might I just add, as much as I adore Sarah Palin, cancelling The Office was entirely unacceptable!

So, now for some more view of home.

This is the view from our guest bedroom - you know you want to come stay with us for a while now don't you! The photo doesn't event caputre the color of the trees, the cloud-studded ble of the sky and the charm of the less-than-perfectly laid brick on the house next door. Not to mention the clip-clop of the Amish horses and buggies that trot and roll down our streets every few minutes. It's darling!

The view from the kitchen window. Yes, that is the creamery at which we had those incredible sundaes. It's also a penny candy shop (for real pennies, not even inflated prices for penny candy!) and a Christmas (or as they would say a "Yule") store. Christmas is HUGE here.

Home cannot possibly be home without the "wedding bear" if you know what I mean. He sits on our porch with the plants left behind by the last tentant. (PS: The wedding bear still needs a name - you know me, I name everything - so I welcome your ideas)

Remember that empty bookshelf in our last post? We decided to fill it with framed photos of our wedding and beloved friends and family. More frames to come, but you can see how we are progressing!

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Remember that tomorrow id the long awaited Strasburg Parade and Sale! We will have plenty of pictures, Strasburg history and factoids, and fun anecdotes of our new adventures in small-town-living. Check in often, comment often and remember to keep in touch. (oh, and we take requests! You want a story and photos on a specific site or sight, please let us know!)

We miss you dearest friends and family. But not as much as we love you!


Morrissette said...

you can always name the bear Bongo. Not only will it remind ron of his dad but he was a circus bear in an old disney movie I think it was on fun and fancy free

Morrissette said...

actually i like humphrey can name him that instead...... i expect to see that in the unveiling love ya