Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpking Carving

First off I have to say this place is crazy because its not even November yet and the weatherman was saying "chance of snow" for today. Thank goodness no snow... yet. We will, of course, keep you posted should any weird white stuff end up on our lawn.

Produce out here is unbelievably cheap. We have yet to go to it but we've been told they have produce auctions where you bid on baskets of fruits and vegetables and its way cheaper than the store.

Kelly found a pumpkin stand that had some winners for only $4 a piece. We had to let our artistic juices flow and thus our pumpkin carving time began.

Kelly decided to pay tribute to her old state. Here are the beginnings of her masterpiece.

Off with the lid.

Here I am at the beginning stages. We discovered that we didn't have any tape and ended up using some old Star Wars band-aids I had to hold on our designs.

Kelly diligently working away.

The perfect partner to pumpkin carving is an Oktoberfest brew. We chose to lend support to a local brewer and weren't disappointed.

Our creations are complete!

Here is mine

And Kelly's

We're very happy with how they turned out.

PS: A shout out to Zaida Harper who called up mid-carving to sing her ABC's to us. Happy Halloween Peanut!


Morrissette said...

wait a minute where's my shout out? and why are you carving pumpkins on the carpet? By the way I love the pumpkins!

Anonymous said...

ummm ya... AND MY SHOUT OUT! I called during pumpkin carving...

Ron & Kelly Morrissette said...

You people didn't sing your ABC's to us so no shout out for you!

Steve said...

Wow! Zaida's first shout out. Is that something you put in a scrapbook?