Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sonic... not the Hedgehog

Yesterday we had our first Drive-In dining experience. Most every restaurant you can imagine is off of US-30, also known as Lincoln Highway. As we went on an unsuccessful journey to find an ATM to make a deposit we headed home with hunger in our bellys. We chose Sonic as our restaurant de jour.

For those that don't know, Sonic is a classic drive-in diner. You park and a car-hop delivers your order.

The beverages are the best because you can add flavors to your soda (ex: Chocolate Coke). Sonic uses the slogan as "Your Ultimate Drink Stop" due to the 168,894 possible drink combinations. Its advertising also states that "You could have a new drink every day for the next 462 years". All locations also feature "Happy Hour" every day from 2-4 pm in which the customer may buy soft drinks, slushes, limeades and iced tea for half price.

With each meal you also get a peppermint candy!

I ordered the Super Sonic Cheeseburger and Kelly ordered a Sonic Burger and added jalepenos. The burgers were good, no complaints there. For a side we chose onion rings which... we hated. They just seemed to taste funny and seemed a bit on the sweet side.

Here I am wondering why we need photo documentation of our trip to Sonic.

Kelly's opinion of the onion rings.

I couldn't leave you all without some sort of Amish commentary. Most every business out here has a hitching post for the horses. Here is a picture of the parking lot of a small center containing the Post Office, a bank, and a pharmacy.

The horses usually have their own lane on the road as well. When there is only one lane, cars may pass them when its safe to do so.

Prayer request: Kelly has a potential opportunity to be a part of a Wedding planning and photography team that will be branching out from California to the East Coast. Prayers for directrion for both Kelly and the owner of the company would be greatly appreciated!

Also a shout out to Karyn Hantzes who has been so good to call Kelly and offer up lots of love, support and giggles over the blog. We appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Wow - I got a shout out!!! Never before have I been shouted...and i a blog with proof and EVERYTHING!!

I love to giggle with Kelly - and as promised I shared blog with Donna and updated her and Cindy about the prayer request "that its a HOMESICKNESS thing" NOT and not a dislike of Strassberg, Ron, Marriage, or moving!! :)

And Ron - dude I am so sorry i didn't get a chance to know you better before you guys moved - I'm not sure who's blog comments put me over the edge faster or with the most giggles and tears from the shear attempt at restraining myself from laughing (REALLY) out loud at my desk!! I love my daily check up on the AC blog!

and Lastly...Props to you Ron - you get a gold star in my book for spelling both my first and last names correctly - not easily accomplished by most first attempters! But then again - you are married to Kelly so not surprised you got it down perfectly the first time! hee hee

Any whoo - Love you guys


Steve said...

I love Sonic! Next time, get the tater tots. By the way, there's a Sonic in Fullerton, but that's the only one I know of in this area.

Have fun in Amish-ville!

champagne said...

Next trip, check out the Costco out there. There is even horse parking at Costco!!! Who would have thought that the Amish shop there?