Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Excursion

Today we began our day by attending church. Church went well but we don't know the songs which is frustrating since that is one of our favorite parts. The pastor gave real life application so his part of the service was well received by us. As we find out more about where we'll end up regularly be going to church we'll be sure to check in with all of you.

After church we had to stop for gas. I had to post a picture for all of you out in California who haven't seen the price drop below $3.00 a gallon yet.

I'd also like to point out that we have Dunkin' Donuts which makes me very happy. :)

For lunch we had some pulled pork sandwiches and had our first taste of shoo-fly pie. The pork came from Jakey's Amish Barbeque and the pie was courtesy of the "world famous" Dutch Haven. Both are worth another visit someday.

We promised some butter churning from Kelly and here it is!

My transformation to Amish Man is almost complete. Now for the real big decision of which hat to wear.

Two doors down from Dutch Haven we found this odd place.

There are about a thousand jokes that can be made about this.

We continued to tour around the Amish towns and found this quaint little wine gallery. The Mount Hope Estate and Winery is home to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. The Renaissance Faire is about 25 miles away so perhaps we'll take an excursion there some day. Huzzah!

On the way back home we came across this scene which could only be found in Lancaster County. An RV, a cyclist, and a horse-drawn buggy.

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