Sunday, October 26, 2008

We know where Jesus works on the weekends

In our continuing search for a home church we were referred to The Worship Center which is about eight miles from our house. Pastor Sam was definitely down to earth and was very good at relating things to his congregation. We will likely go there again to see if we really like it.

After church we had lunch at Jennie's Diner which is straight out of the 1950's. The best part is that it isn't an attempt at a 50's diner, it just hasn't changed since then!

I had the turkey club and Kelly had a greek salad (she now wishes she went for the greasy goodness that general comes out of their kitchen).

As you can see, the diner is small and very typical of a roadside eatery.

With our bellies full we went on a hunt for some more furniture for the house. The hunt didn't turn out so well but we did find some interesting "treasures". At a store simply known as "The Barn" we found a large assortment of mounted animals.

They also had a "rare" wooky head. Poor Chewbacca!

For those of you who haven't been getting your prayers answered, just let us know and we'll drop them off for you.

Who knew that Jesus lived in Pennsylvania Dutch country?!?!


Janey said...

Nice! Jesus takes Sundays off here - or so we thought. Now we know, he's been at his PDC location!

Bridgette CIAJ said...