Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bowling for Snow

We live 5 or 6 houses away from the Bowling Alley. I don't think this town knows what zoning ordinances are, although we are on one of the two main roads in town so I guess that explains it.

Garden Spot Bowl is definitely on the smaller side of bowling alleys but it seems to have a good assortment of regulars.

So Tuesday we decided to head down and give it a shot. Kelly, by the way, was neck and neck with the 3-year-old bowling in the lane next to us. She says "I don't bowl" which was proven to be completely true.

Check out that form!

This gas sign is out of date. Yesterday it was down to $2.01 a gallon. If we beak the $2.00 mark I'll be sure to gloat. :) We also find great amusement in the fact that this place is called Wawa. And yes they sell water.

On the weather front: Last night we saw some white stuff falling from the sky. We really aren't quite sure what that is all about. The white stuff didn't last long, however, and today we're still seeing the green grass outside.


Dana Morrissette said...

I'm glad you guys are being so adventurous!! Don't worry it won't be long till you find out what that white stuff is! IF you haven't bought your thermals yet, I suggest you go do that! lol Miss you guys hope you are doing well!


Karyn said...

Ah, white stuff now the adventure REALLY begins :) Stay warm!