Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting Colder!

This morning's newscast announced that there is a 100% chance of rain today. I could have told you that. Nothing has been dry in 2 days!

At least the rest of the week will be sunny...although I don't understand how it's this cold in November! What the heck?

A few days ago I captured this pretty sunset across the street from our house.

Remember that really pretty, bright red and orange tree across from our balcony...?

...Yeah, well now it's a little less exciting. Where did all the leaves go? I don't get it.

Even though it's getting colder and we hear that snow is imminent (but hopefully not until February!), we are enjoying the changing seasons. I have some projects planned to decorate the house and I am enjoying cooking and finding new recipes to use. If anybody has creative holiday decoration ideas or yummy recipes that I should try, please feel free to leave them here.


Karyn said...

oooooh! Ukraine Weather!! Lots of cold and nothing to show for it! That happened to us - we just got really good at layering so we could bundle up to go out and strip down once in the warmer buildings! :) We didn't get snow until late - right before we came home and it only lasted 2 weeks before it melted away.

Gonna have to search for some chili and stew recipes for you :)

I'm making Roast tomorrow int he crock pot - 1 pkg Lipton Onion Soup mix, about half of a bottle of apple juice, roast beast of your choice, iwth potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, and galric chunks thrown in (i put potatos on the bottom under the roast so they stay submersed. I add a cup or two of water so the meat is almost submerged and then let her rip all day on low and come home to a sweet smelling house and a easy dinner :)

Hope the job is going well - love you!

Anonymous said...




Bridgette CIAJ said...

Layers are a very important part of living in a cold climate because most people crank the heat up inside to make up for it. I remember stripping in a movie theater in London (much to the fascination/horror of those around me) because I could not take how hot it was any longer!!! It was the last time I wore long underwear as the base layer!! Tshirt & jeans are now the basics with sweaters, leg warmers and a really good coat! when we visit. (which is always in winter).

I make a mean apple harvest pie. :)
I may have left the recipe already...

Bridgette CIAJ said...

Getting Colder! mean mean mean...
in the OC (and the LA) it's been in the 90's and the wild fires are an awfully tragic way to get beautiful sunsets...