Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble Gobble & La Mer

We've been getting the question; "What did you do for Thanksgiving?" Well, here is your answer.

Our ultimate destination would be Aunt Maureen & Uncle Gillis's house. They live in Ronkonkoma, NY which is on Long Island.

We left on Wednesday afternoon which, by the way, is the worst time to leave for anywhere on the day before Thanksgiving.
Planned drive time: 3 hrs 45 mins
Actual drive time: somewhere around 6 hrs 15 mins
The drive home was right on target thank goodness.

We, of course, could not pass up seeing something interesting along the way. Located in Downingtown, PA is Chef's Diner which is the diner you can see in the movie The Blob.

For those of you who followed our journey across the country here is a new state sign to add to the list: New Jersey!

Arriving late and via bridge into New York we did not find a state sign to take a picture with. Just a good excuse for us to head back soon.

Upon arrival we were treated with some New York pizza! Kelly has never been to New York and never had their pizza. Quoted from Kelly "Wow, it really is better here!"

After a nights rest we woke up early to explore the island. Our first stop was in Flanders, NY to see the Big Duck!

Heading to the Hamptons we found this wind mill in Water Mill, NY.

The most eastern point of Long Island is Montauk Point. We were able to find a nice spot to "relax" and have some fun.

Kelly found a great spot to soak in the view. She was very happy to see the ocean agian, even if it was the Atlantic.

At the shore.

Montauk Point Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the state of New York. The Lighthouse was authorized by the Second Congress, under President George Washington in 1792.

Shortly after our return Uncle Billy, Aunt Nancy, Billy, and Billy's son, Kirin, came over for some turkey. Aunt Maureen bought herself a Wii and Kirin was more than happy to show everyone how to play it.

Shrimp cocktail anyone?

Kelly, Uncle Billy, Billy, Kirin, and Aunt Nancy at the dinner table.

We were able to speak to Jamie and Claudia, who live in Switzerland, via web cam. Jamie said that he had burritos for his "thanksgiving" dinner.

Uncle Gillis gets a nice fire going outside for him to enjoy.

I make friends with the target practice.

Kelly loved the leaves so much...

... that Uncle Gillis tried to put her to work!

You can never keep Kelly off the swings.

Kelly kept cracking up at how I looked with the Wii Boxing.

Uncle Gillis, Aunt Maureen, Kelly, and me.


dan said...

Well Burritos does sound like Jamie well and the shirtless thing too. Has he ever owned a shirt?

Morrissette said...

lol poor Jamie does he know you put his pic on here. And why the giant duck? didn't you get enough of him last time?