Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Southern Amish Countryside Covered Bridges

With the show open I finally have two days off in a row. Woohoo!

So forget the election and journey with us into the Countryside to find more covered bridges.

On our way to our first bridge we got this gorgeous view.

Built in 1880 and located just south of Christiana, Mercer's Mill Covered Bridge is one of the only two remaining bridges shared with Chester County.

Along our trip we came across Octoraro Lake, which had such amazing views that we couldn't put the camera down.

The Pine Grove Covered Bridge is the only double-span, double-arch bridge in use in the County, at 204 feet. Originally built in 1816, it was later rebuilt in 1846 and 1884 because it was destroyed by flood water.

As the county's second oldest bridge, White Rock Forge Covered Bridge was originally built in 1847 and rebuilt in 1884.

It was getting dark but we had one more bridge to see. Jackson's Sawmill Covered Bridge was built in 1878, but was destroyed by a flood in 1988. The county rebuilt the bridge and raised it an additional three feet to keep safe from future floods.

The trees around our home are changing and look amazing! Kelly took these photos this morning. The view is from our little porch looking to the North.


Anonymous said...

These pics look a lot like Chico :( the river looks like the Sacramento River and the trees are just like how they look there :( sad...

The Westerns said...

Beautiful. A couple of years ago we toured Massachusettes, Vermont and New Hampshire. We toured the covered bridges and everything and it was during the fall color. I love it. You guys are so lucky!