Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Visit Part 1

We are blessed to have some Christmas visitors with us. Mike and Donna, Kelly's parents, came out to spend some time with their favorite daughter and son-in-law (ok we're their only daughter and son-in-law).

They flew in on Sunday night into Philadelphia and we picked them up. The first thing they noticed was... COLD! Once we got home to Strasburg we ordered up some pizza from Pizza City aka Sam's across the street. Sam and family are straight out of New York and their pizza is the best!

The next day we began to show off our area.

After seeing some of the Amish countryside we headed to the National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA. Kelly describes it as "Wax Museum meets garage sale." Every Christmas collectible on the planet was in this place.

Here I am with Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Mom and Daughter.

Donna enjoyed the old reproduction of Woolworth's.

What Christmas is complete without a Monkey atop your tree?

Kelly hanging out with the snowmen.

Christmas trains were very prominent.

Say Ah.

After the Christmas Center we took Mike and Donna to Dutch Haven, with its world famous shoe-fly-pie. In the gift shop, we tried to help them blend in with the locals.

One of the best things about living where we do is that we're so close to so many neat things. Hershey, PA is only 45 minutes away so we, of course, had to visit Hershey's Chocolate World.

Here's Mike, Donna, and I enjoying the weather outside.

Chocolate bars in the making.

Mmmmmm syrup.

Want a kiss?

Kelly and her favorite candy.

Mike and I were recruited to be official chocolate engineers.

Cocoa Trees.

Seeing all of that chocolate gets you hungry, so we headed to Mount Joy, PA to dine at Bube's Brewery.

Kelly and Donna explored the Catacombs beneath the restaurant.

It was a full day so after dinner we headed home and collapsed with a few episodes of The Office.

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