Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Visit Part 2

On Tuesday Kelly and I took her parents to Washington, D.C., which Mike had never been to and Donna hadn't been to since 8th grade.

Here is the Fancher clan in front of Union Station. Union Station is not just a train station. It also has a mall, restaurants, and movie theater in it.

It is not uncommon for other countries to present us with gifts throughout the year. Here is a Christmas tree given to the US from Norway. It stands in the entrance forecourt of Union Station.

Arlington National Cemetery is truly an amazing place to see. Here is Kelly at the eternal flame, resting place of JFK, Jackie O, and two of their children. In the background you can see Arlington House.

Touring around the capitol.

The Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

Mike and Donna at the Washington Monument.

The Capitol Building.

Washington, D.C. is home to the Smithsonian museums which are a must see. Unfortunately there are so many and so much to see in each one that we were only able to see one this trip; The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Here are Mike, Donna, and Kelly in the Sea-Air Operations wing of the museum. Mike served in the Navy aboard the USS Wasp.

Yes that is the actual Wright Brothers plane.

Wednesday was a mellow day. I brought Mike and Donna to the Millennium Theater to see what it looked like. They were surprised at just how big it really is. After that they went to the Park City Mall while Kelly and I ran errands and shopped for Christmas dinner. That evening we went to the Star Buffet (Chinese) and pigged out. They did not sing Deck the Halls unfortunately.

Christmas morning was sunny and beautiful. Kelly spoiled us with stuffed french toast and eggs. We opened gifts and then went to see Marley & Me at our local movie theater. The movie was very cute and a bit of a tear jerker.

After the movie we got coffee and Tastykakes. Everyone who's grown up on the east coast has raved about Tastykake but really I don't see the big deal. It's Hostess but for the east coast. With our beverages and snacks in tow, I drove us through the countryside to see some of the covered bridges, an Amish schoolhouse, and the neighboring cows.

Back at home Kelly made Christmas dinner:

Olive and Arichoke tapinade

Main Course
Chicken with gnochi stuffing
Baked asparagus with a balsamic sauce
Mezzi rigatoni with gorganzola, spinach, and tomatos

Christmas cookes of course!

Kelly was very excited to be able to use our china.

After dinner we had a rousing game of Monopoly. Kelly and Mike decided to call it a tie after the two land barons kept going back and forth for some time.

Shout out of this blog goes to Janette Morrissette for her lovely rendition of Jingle Bells. I will point out that she is not a toddler and just wanted a shout out.

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