Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Visit Part 3

Mike had to depart our company on Friday, much to the chagrin of Kelly, leaving Kelly and Donna to their own devices as I had to work. They escorted Mike to the Amtrak station (which he was taking to the Philadelphia airport) and then headed to the Central Market. After that they ate lunch at the Lancaster Dispensing Company. That evening they were able to enjoy the Voices of Christmas at the Living Waters Theater while I stage managed the show.

On Saturday Donna and Kelly spent the day shopping while I worked. That evening we all went to see the Miracle of Christmas at the Millennium Theater. Kelly and Donna both agreed that Voices of Christmas was more to their liking.

On Sunday I decided that Donna was a teenager because she slept-in until 11:30 AM. Kelly and Donna then headed to the Outlets while I was blessed with Sunday football. When they returned we had dinner and Donna made some of her world famous milk shakes.

Today was a very eventful day. We started by heading to Sonic for drinks and were treated by the manager, Jeff, to freebies. Yay Jeff! Then we drove to Philadelphia.

In Philly we started off at the Independence Visitor Center where I found this awesome shirt!

After that we crossed the street to see the Liberty Bell.

Tradition tells of a chime that changed the world on July 8, 1776, with the Liberty Bell ringing out from the tower of Independence Hall summoning the citizens of Philadelphia to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence by Colonel John Nixon. The Bell achieved its iconic status when abolitionists adopted the Bell as a symbol for the movement. No one knows for sure when the first cracked appeared. The most popular date given is 1835, while tolling for the funeral of Chief Justice John Marshall.

Here we are at Independence Hall.

Kelly and "The Signer" in front of Library Hall.

At Carpenter's Hall:

It hosted the First Continental Congress in 1774 and was home to Franklin's Library Company, The American Philosophical Society, and the First and Second Banks of the United States.

The 1st Bank of the U.S.

We found some Archeologists working on a recent dig in the area. Here we are getting a thrilling speech on 18th century trash.

The City Tavern also called the Merchants' Coffee House, was the political, social, and business center of the new United States. Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Paul Revere all ate here. The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution both owe much to the food and spirits consumed in this building.

In honor of Mike... "Don't take any wooden nickels."

Donna gets her first taste of a true Philly Cheesesteak at Steaks on South which recently won the "Best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia" contest.

After our bellies were full we had just enough time to stop by the Polish American Cultural Center (a special treat for Donna), the Betsy Ross House, and Ben Franklin's grave sight. We then had to drop Donna off at the airport. Daughter missed Mom even before she was out of the car.

Overall it was a fantastic visit!


Crystal said...

You all sound like you had a ton of fun. You and Kelly both seem to be wonderful tour guides. Maybe when we come out there you can help show us around. I've been to both D.C. and to Arlington. I would love to see Amish country though. Your holidays seemed like such a joy. I havne't been able to post about mine and wont be able to until I can get home an upload some photos.

Stace said...

Ummm..update! Christmas was like WEEKS ago