Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Muffins and Mayhem

Tonight was the Sight & Sound Cast Christmas party. The theme was "A Cozy Cast Christmas," everyone wore pajamas, and breakfast was served for dinner.

I was asked to emcee the evening. Here I am upon the stage.

Of course any child at the event is instantly drawn to Kelly. Little Judah spent much of the evening in Kelly's arms. Judah is the youngest of three belonging to Amy. Amy's family owns the theater and she works in the producing group as well as being a cast member from time to time.

You might note that Judah is holding a whisk. The whisk is part of the prize for "Best Muffins" which Kelly won!

Here I am with our present from the White Elephant gift exchange. I've always wanted a Chia Shrek. We think the best gift of the evening, however, was the army food rations. Other favorites were a walker complete with tennis balls on the ends, a used shower curtain, and a collection of N'SYNC items.

Our team was robbed during the gingerbread house competition. Our house even had a chimney made from a stick of butter.

Overall it was a very fun evening. When we got home we were treated to another song from Zaida Harper. This time it was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. So another Shout Out goes to our favorite toddler!

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Morrissette said...

I think you should have one the gingerbread house contest...but hey I am biased! love you guys! let me know when you get my care package!