Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh Birthday Tree

Tuesday was official Morrissette tree hunting day. We went down the street to pick out the first of many Christmas trees for us.

Here I am amongst the arbors.

Ready for transport!

Kelly found the tree stand set up amusing.

Here she is!

Ok... some notes on our first Christmas tree.
  1. We bought lights and they ended up having white wires so we have to head back and get some with green wires.
  2. There is a serious shortage of ornaments on a couples first tree after being married.
  3. That sucker drinks almost as much water as Kelly.

Wednesday was national Ronald Henry Morrissette II day! That's right, just 31 years ago the world was blessed with my amazingness (and yes I did just make up that word).

To celebrate we decided to go to dinner and see a movie. We had some free movie passes so we headed out to see "Four Christmases." The ultimate plan was to see the movie and then go to a late dinner. Upon arrival to the movie theater we were sadly informed that we cannot use our passes for "Four Christmases" and would have to choose another movie. The best option seemed to be the movie "Australia."

Australia was a great movie, very funny (which surprised us), and had beautiful cinematography. It was, however, just short of three hours long! Birthday dinner ended up being postponed until the following evening.

And now for a brief rant...
For those of you who don't know, Kelly and I are cursed when it comes to the movie theater. In 90% of movies we see at the theater we have the unfortunate experience of sitting next to or near the ultimate in horrible movie patrons. Yes, that's right, they have to talk, make commentary, read subtitles aloud, kick the seat, stomp on the floor, smell bad, etc...
"Australia" was no exception. We had two women behind us who apparently thought they were in their own living room. I'd like to note that theater was populated by a mere six people (including us). These women went on to do the following:
  • Every time an Aborigine spoke they had to read the subtitles.
  • "You go girl!" "Don't do it!" and laughing at awkward moments were commonplace.
  • Every laugh was combined with kicking the seat and stomping the floor.
  • Gasped at very odd places.
  • Commented with noises throughout the movie "Ut uh" "MmmHmmm" "Woo"
In February of this year the Australian government made a formal apology for the past wrongs caused by successive governments on the indigenous Aboriginal population. These women decided they were either Aboriginal or that they were well versed in Australian history as when this was stated at the end of the movie they yelled out "It's about time!"

end rant

All of that aside we did actually enjoy the movie, although we felt that at three hours long it could have ended about 12 times before it actually did.

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