Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Color Your World

This weekend Ron and I joined our neighbors and new friends, Ben & Kristen Dice (and their 2 adorable kids, Hanna and Emma) for a trip to the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania.

The town of Easton.

The entrance to the Crayola Factory is not hard to spot.

Our new friend "Tip" met us at the entrance.

Inside the factory is a coloring playground with all the Crayola fun you can imagine. Here is a station with all the new and fun colors of Crayola Crayons.

Aside from Crayons, there was an area set up like a streetscape that was littered with sidewalk chalk, an area where you could create "art" with melted crayon, a demonstration on how crayons and markers are made, a paint station, and more!

Here, Ron and I are having a little too much fun with the Model Magic.

Also in the Crayola Factory building is the Canal Museum where kids, their parents....and um... their parent's friends can learn about canals and waterways. Ron may have had more fun than the kids playing with his boat in the water. He didn't take too well to being called a "dork" for knocking the kids out of the way to get his boat through the little canals.

We had a great time this weekend and we are very grateful to have made a new set of awesome friends. Which means, this week's Shout Out goes to the Dice Family for making PA more fun and more like home.

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