Friday, January 16, 2009

Updates from the Farm

It has been a while since our last Blog and we have been hearing plenty of requests for a new entry, so here you go!

This will be a diversion from the usual "look at this weird thing we found or cool place we went," story. I'll take this opportunity to catch you up on our daily lives.

While my parents were out here for Christmas, they generously offered to help us purchase a new sofa as a Christmas present. Having sofa searched for months and coming up short, we gladly accepted the offer and ordered a great new leather couch from Wolf Furniture. It arrived on January 7th much to our delight. It is so nice to have a comfy place to park it after a long day!

Below are a few photos of our new couch and our cozy little living room now that we have furniture to fill it!

While Ron continues to LOVE his job at Sight & Sound Theaters, I have also found a job I'm sure I will love! On January 26th, I begin at my new position as Director of After-school Programming for Scoutreach which is a program of The Boy Scouts of America.

I have been interested in BSA for several years since I had considered a position in Newport Beach that I did not take in order to work for Mariners Church. (Let's talk about big mistakes huh?!) I am so fortunate to have another opportunity with this organization and to work with kids - which is my 1st passion. Ron and I feel very blessed to have such wonderful opportunities in such a scary economic climate.

Ron and I have also inadvertently made a New Year's resolution. We both have been feeling the effects of cabin fever in this chilly weather (what kind of temperature is 12 degrees!?!) so we decided to join the local gym. This is not 24 Hour Fitness people! The equipment is old, the place smells like sweat, the people work out sans make-up and there isn't a boob job to be seen in this place. It's GREAT! We have been on a cardio and weight training program that will hopefully help us to feel good and look better. Along with the gym, we have started a new healthy eating plan which includes lots of egg whites, yogurt, lean protein, fruits and veggies. It has been really fun finding new recipes and encouraging each other to stay on track.

The weather here is getting colder and colder. Just when we thought we were adjusting, it seems to drop a few more degrees which sends us running for the warmth of our (usually) heated house in a fit of shivers. We've had a few problems with our heater and have had to call maintence poeple at some odd hours here recently. A broken furnace has been a great excuse to cuddle under blankets with cups of tea.

Last week we were promised 6 inches of snowfall...which we never got. Ron and I were dissapointed since we had planned an entire day of indoor activites like Risk, Monopoly and Movies, so that we could enjoy a snow day. No such luck. We did get a light dusting of the white stuff the other day but it has already melted away. We'll keep you posted on the snowfall, and as soon as there is enough, we will take the highly requested snow angel photo.

And for the Shout Outs: Grite hacia fuera a Zaida Harper que contó a diez en español para nosotros. Que Bueno!


Morrissette said...

you need a bigger tv! that is all love you

champagne said...

Just wait until Feb. for that snowfall!!!