Wednesday, March 18, 2009

California Trip Days 1-5

The Golden State beckoned our return for Wayne and Christy's Wedding on March 20th.

Thursday morning the fabulous Kristen Dice, with kids in tow, kindly dropped us off at the Lancaster Train Station for the beginnings of our journey. We left Lancaster, via Amtrak, and headed for the Philadelphia Airport. Nothing exciting to report from the train except that a few Amish folk were onboard with us.

After we got to the Philadelphia Airport we boarded a Q-200 for a short flight to Newark. As we were on the runway the pilot pulled a U-Turn and told us we were grounded for 40 minutes because the FAA shut down Newark for a while because of too much air traffic. Fortunately we had an awesome flight attendant who busted out the snacks. We also got to meet a different pilot who was commuting to Newark. He told us that all pilots secretly judge each others landings. The second flight from Newark to Orange County was uneventful (minus the fact that the in-flight movie broke grrr).

Not one full day into CA and we, of course, had to go to Wahoo's. Kelly is a Wahoo's-loving-girl.

Who doesn't love a Bonzai Burrito?

Besides her usual #1, blackened fish, all rice no beans, with 3 Mr. Lee's sauces. She also ordered 24 oz. of Mr. Lee's to bring home with her. (She says she's not sharing)

Friday Night we headed to our favorite hang-out, Mikey's, for Friday Night Trivia.

Team Innappropriate was comprised of:

Janette, Myself, Mike & Donna (in the background)

Christy & Wayne (hiding somewhere), Allison, Kelly, Meredith, Rianna, Katie

Tom & Daniel

It was a lot of fun and for the first time we took 1st place!
Saturday was Wayne's Bachelor Party and Kelly had some friends over for dinner.
On Sunday we started off with breakfast at the Park Ave Cafe on Balboa Island and met with Mike & Donna's friends Vick, Sue, and their Golden Retriever Patrick. Of course Meeka went along as well.
After that we headed to Wayne & Christy's Polterabend in Buena Park.
The happy couple.
Smash some plates for luck!
Christy, Meredith, and Kelly.
Monday was a day of rest and relaxation. We played Mike & Donna in a rousing game of Apples to Apples which we highly recommend (Shout-out to the Dice family for introducing it to us).

On Tuesday we headed up to Oxnard for dinner with Mom, Dale, & Janette. We had to stop for lunch at a California original... In-N-Out!
One Double Double Animal Style, one Cheeseburger Animal Style, & fries.

Being St. Patrick's day we had Corned Beef & Cabbage for dinner with a nice pint of Guiness. But the best part of the day was spending time with family.

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