Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smorgasbords and Snow

The other morning we decided to try a little local restaurant that we've heard a lot about. We're not sure if Dienner's Country Restaurant is Amish but it is definitely Mennonite. Food can be chosen off of a menu but, as is the case in most Pennsylvania Dutch restaurants, the most popular was to eat is via the Smorgasbord.

Not sure how to say grace? Just check out your place mat. You have your option of Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and Jewish prayers.

Our table was conveniently located next to the buffet.

We also experienced another snowfall this week. This one, however, stuck for quite some time. The snow came down heavily but was still fluffy and fun to play in.

Here's the view out of our front door.

Oh the joys of snow shoveling!

My Disney friends requested a snow angel. Here ya go!

Kelly preparing to create a snow ball that would soon be heading my way.

We both enjoy the snow but are very excited as we will be back in CA for Christy and Wayne's wedding next week!

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D said...

mmm... smorgasbord! looks good for a buffet... was it? Also love the place mats, haha, cute :)