Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Root's Country Market & Auction

Probably since day one of being amongst the Amish we have been told that we need to head to Root's Country Market & Auction, which everyone just calls "Root's". It is oddly pronounced something like Ruts (we don't get it). Root's is only open on Tuesdays and, thanks to a show-run day off, I was able to attend with my lovely wife.

Root's Market features a produce auction as well as fresh meats, deli, bakery items, flowers, handmade crafts, antiques, collectibles and household items. It might be our new favorite place to grocery shop and to shop in general. Kelly and I are going to try and make it a weekly excursion for us right after I get off of work on Tuesdays (Root's is open until 9 PM).

Here you can see me with just a few of the over 200 vendors inside. There are more vendors on the outside as well! We are fairly certain that the meat couldn't be fresher as the um... "source" was probably across the street earlier that day.

The strangest thing for us to see was the small animal auction. Cages of bunnies, chickens, roosters, and who-knows-what-else filled a barn to later be auctioned off.

At the suggestion of Kristen we had Hess BBQ for lunch. What a great suggestion! The pulled-pork sandwich was amazing!

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champagne said...

Make sure to let us know if you are going to be in Philly!