Monday, May 25, 2009

Kelly's Birthday

May 16th marked the celebration of the life of Kelly. And although she protested the actual date (she said she wasn't celebrating because her BFFs & Fam are in CA without her) there were still some festivities to be had.

Kristen's parents won a bus trip to NYC and invited Kristen and Kelly along. This would be Kelly's first visit to the big apple.

The bus dropped of the group right in the heart of Time Square. Kelly is ready to go back and see it, at night, all lit up.

Kelly's first subway ride was not as bad as she thought it would be. Despite her dislike for cramped spaces full of people she was unphased by the crowds.

Leave it to Kelly to find the only California flag in New York.

Kelly's new favorite pastime... shopping in China-Town.

St. Paul's

No caption needed.

Besides making a new friend, Kelly was able to play on the "Big" piano at FAO Scharz.

Kelly and Kristen in Central Park.

M&M World in Time Square.

Kelly loved the trip to New York and is definitely ready to go back and explore some more.

A few days later we decided to visit one of our favorite spots... the Strasburg Creamery! You can see that the town is all decked out for Memorial Day.

The day after Kelly's actual birthday (because the Dice's honored the birthday strike) we headed over to the Dice house where they surprised Kelly with a birthday cake.

Big shout out to the Dice family for the most awesome birthday cake ever! KELLIFORNIA lives in our hearts!

Another shout out to Zaida Harper for calling up and singing Happy Birthday to Kelly. We miss the Harper Family!


Anonymous said...

I love the "Kellifornia" cake, lol! :)

Stacu said...

I TRIED to call and sing Happy Birthday...