Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

There is probably no better place to celebrate Memorial Day then in Strasburg. The whole town is covered in Red, White, and Blue and everyone comes out to the Memorial Day Parade in the town square.

Hannah shows off the colors.

For those of you who keep requesting more buggy photos...

In Small-Town-America you dress up for every holiday. This lady was actually one of the tamer ones.

The flower shop was giving out balloons. Here I am helping Emma not lose hers. (On a side note: it was lost 2 seconds after the parade ended)

The parade begins!

Emma and her KeKe

Local veterans were in the parade. This is our neighbor Ken driving a few more vets in one of his restored cars.

This golf cart is in EVERY parade out here.

The girl scouts, boy scouts, and cub scouts march in every parade. Here are the girl scouts touting their liberal agenda. (I'm kidding people! Calm down.)

A tractor, a blue-grass band, and a cross. This sums up where we live now.

The big finale! (Not kidding... it ended with a whole row of old John Deere tractors.)

After the parade we headed over to the Dice house for some Memorial Day barbecue. Ben was surprised by his parents with a new grill for his birthday (May 31). We enjoyed hot dogs, chicken wings, salad (made by Kelly), bean salad, chips & salsa (home-made by Kelly), veggies, pickles, and topped it off with some home-made cheesecake (made by Ben's friend Michael).

Post Memorial Day feast we did what every red-blooded American does... Pinata! The Dices randomly had a Dora the Explorer pinata in their attic which hadn't been used in years so they decided to bring it out. The kids enjoyed the candy and the adults enjoyed beating up Dora.

We've always said that Ben and Kelly are related.

Kelly and I have recently discovered that fireworks are perfectly legal and are even sold in the super-markets out here! Ben says that they aren't fireworks but are "ground displays." We tried to explain that these are the only fireworks you can buy in California and then have to find the two random cities you can still shoot them off in to enjoy them. I believe that sealed the deal that the Dices will not be moving to CA any time soon.

Since we're apparently freaks and enjoy the ground displays, we bought a small pack of fireworks to set off for Memorial Day.

Kelly was very excited... and then she saw lighting bugs which ramped up the excitement tenfold. Kelly says "Memorial Day 2009, BEST DAY EVER... next to my wedding."

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Liza said...

That's fantastic! Last line of the blog... perfect! I love reading your blogs. So much fun. Have a wonderful week, Morrissettes! Sending you lotsa love from Tempe. :o)