Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Fun

This week we decided to show Rianna around to some of the local sight and attractions that make our area fun and unique.

Here we took a ride on the Strasburg Railroad. The railroad was founded in 1832 making it one of the oldest and longest running railroad trains in existence. It is currently the only short line railroad in America. The original passenger cars and engines are all restored and absolutely beautiful!

Later we went to The Amish Farm and House. The house and farm has been around since 1710 and the guide knew her history and quoted biblical reasons for the Amish's belief and lifestyle. It was really neat!

This is the BIGGEST pig I have ever seen!

Here is Rianna in a on room Amish schoolhouse.

Later that day we went to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm with Hanna and Kristen. The "Amazing Maize Maze" doesn't open until July 4th but we had a great time exploring all the other activities.

This burlap sack slide was fast and fun.

Hannah loved jumping on this air pillow.

Rianna helped Hannah through the hay bale maze.

Later, we celebrated Independance Day early by going to the Rockvale Outlets to watch fireworks with the Dice Family. On the way there we saw this beautiful sunset. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Ben and Kristen enjoying the show.

Yesterday we spent the day at The Amish Village where we recapped what we learned at The Amish Farm and House.

Ron showed me my place in life by hitching me to a wagon.

Rianna and I played a game of giant checkers. I take no mercy on those younger and mentally weaker than me.

After that we went to the Smucker's house to invade thier pool. We had to make a run for it when it started raining but we enjoyed a good swim.

Ron is on a boat with his flippy floppies.... That's money right there.

Shout out to the Smucker and Dice Families for welcoming us in their home and offering up their pool for our use. (and I should add for the 2 A/C units that have saved our lives this summer!) Thanks!

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