Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day Weekend 2009

In celebration of America's Birthday and a few days off work, the Morrissette/Bowdish and Dice families headed off to French Creek State Park for a weekend of camping.

This was my 1st time really roughing it in a tent and Rianna had never had the true camping experience either. Ron, being the Eagle Scout he is, was very excited to show us how it's done.

We started out by cleaning up the camp site.

Ron and Ben ventured out to purchase fire wood. Unfortunately it was wet and impossible to light. The next morning they scoured the abandoned sites for leftover wood and creating this heaping pile.

Our campsite all set-up.

I was most excited for camping because of the S'mores. I could eat those every day. So good! But I also decided that I like cooking over the campfire. Kristen and I made skillet dinner, burgers, hot dogs, beans, pizza sandwhiches, and even baked cornbread.

The boys enjoyed roasting their weenies. (insert dumb joke here)

On July 4th we visited Hopewell Furnace. Hopewell Furnace operated from 1771-1883 and along with other "iron plantations," laid the foundation for the transformation of the United States into an industrial giant.

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed walking through the historical area, feeding horses and seeing how iron was cast.

We made it to see the mansion just before it closed. Ron and Ben tried out the rocking chairs on the porch to see what retirement would feel like.

Little legs get tired of stairs fast so Ron carried Emma back to the top of the hill.

That evening we headed to Pottstown to watch the fireworks in the park. We caught this beautiful sunset to get the celebration started.

Kristen and I enjoying the show.

The next day we visited Valley Forge where we took a Ranger-led tour and learned about the Revolutionary War.

Watch out or I'll squirt ya!

Ron standing in front of a reproduction of an officer's hut.

A mini Arc D'Triumph


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