Saturday, July 25, 2009

NYC - Summer in the City

Monday we took Ranna to New York City.

On the way, we stopped at some of the local roadside stops. Here we stopped at the Peg Leg Pirate in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. Arghh!

Here are the steel dinosaurs in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

We finally reached New York where we took the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan. Here we are walking up to the dock. I had never taken the Ferry before and was really looking forward to it.

Ron and I enjoying the breeze off the water.

The Statue of Liberty from the Ferry.

A beautiful day for a view of the city.

Our 1st stop was Fraunce's Tavern which was opened in 1762. In 1783 General George Washington made his farewell address from the tavern. It s said that the tavern currently houses George Washington's wooden tooth.

Walking along the streets we came across a film shoot. Though we're not sure what was being filmed but it certainly was a period piece since the roads were littered with Model T's.

A few minutes later we came across one of my favorites - Tiffany & Co.!

We hopped on the subway and headed down to Chinatown... but not before Ron got lost and we took the subway the wrong way. But we ended up where we needed to be eventually and browsed the knock-offs being sold on the street. We also took a quick walk through Little Italy.

We were all hungry and decided to stop for Shabu Shabu at Quickly. We enjoyed our chicken and veggies and the girls loved their Boba Slushies.

We hopped back on the subway and headed over to The Museum of Natural History but it was closed for the day so we crossed the street for a stroll through Central Park.

Central Park is probably my favorite part of NYC. I love the trails and scenery and it seems like there is something new around every bend. could spend all day in the park and never get bored.

Janette mugging for the camera.

Next we boarded the subway again and set out for Times Square. Janette and Ranna didn't care for Shabu Shabu as much as Ron and I so of all the places they could eat in NYC, they chose.... Mc Donalds in Times Square.

We walked up and down the streets enjoying the lights and the crowds.

We stopped in at the Toys R Us that is so big it has a Ferris Wheel inside the building!

We also paid a visit to M&M World to pose with our favorite Green M&M.

This sign says t all for Rianna.

If you knew me as a kid, you know that I LOVED the stage and thought I was destined to perform on Broadway. It seems so silly now that I am a conservative introvert and tremble with fear at the thought of being on stage. But there will always be a special place in my heart for those childhood dreams.

We walked up and down the streets searching for the perfect I Heart NY shirt for Rianna. We finally found one she liked and was SO excited to get it. She wore it for the next two days.

At the end of the night we hopped back on the Ferry with sore feet, tired bodies and a day full of memories.

Good night New York... until we meet again.

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