Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rehoboth Beach

Monday the Morrissette/Bowdish and Dice Families piled in the mini-van and headed to Delaware to visit Rehoboth Beach. After a 3 hour drive, we arrived at the sunny, sandy shore and found a perfect spot close (but not too close) to the waves.

Just in case you couldn't read the one above. ;o)

My favorite part about East Coast Beaches are the picturesque fences along the willow-filled dunes.

Rianna enjoyed tanning on her towel all day. And by "tanning" I mean burning since she REFUSED to apply sunscreen.

Behind Ron and Rianna is the mile long boardwalk. On the right is Dolly's Salt Water Taffy. We haven't tried it yet but we hear that it is a "must-do" tradition in Rehoboth Beach. To their left is the pavilion where bands often come to liven up the atmosphere during the summer months.

Down the boardwalk we discovered a little amusement park full of rides and games. Rianna and I braved the scariest ride they had!

And surprisingly, we lived to tell the tale.

Ron and I took Hannah on the Merry0Go-Round while Emma rode some toddler-sized boats.

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SARA said...

My husband and I have been going to Rehoboth Beach with our kids since they were little. Lovely photos - looks like you had fun!