Thursday, September 3, 2009

California there I was

Many of you know that being away from my friends and family has been especially hard on me. Recently I have been missing them a little more than usual so my parents offered to fly me home to visit with them for a bit. I was nervous about leaving my wonderful husband for 11 days but he encouraged me to go and have a good time.

So, after making him way too much food, writing out instructions for defrosting and cooking the frozen dishes I had put together, and convincing myself that he wouldn't starve or burn the house down (ok I wasn't convinced he wouldn't burn the house down, but we're renting so its ok) I set off for California.

Upon arrival I was greeted by my BFF Meredith, her daughter Rianna, my Mom, and the beast (Meeka). It was nice to come home to some of my favorite people. That night I met Harbor, a CCI dog my Mom is training. Harbor is a half golden retriever half golden lab mix and is the cutest, sweetest, most well behaved puppy and I instantly fell in love with her.

The next day Mom and I took Harbor to Fashion Island and went to get our nails done. Later I went to Mikey's for pizza and Trivia Night. We won without missing a single question!

On Saturday Meredith and I went to church with Rianna.

On Sunday I met with Tracey Hanson and can now that I am officially the Director of Marketing and Venue Relations for 2 Rings & A Dress Photographers! What a huge blessing this is for me, after years of searching for what I truly want to do... this is it! It is especially nice to work for someone who's work I believe in, who I admire, and above all who I can call a dear friend. (Please make sure to refer all of your photography needs to me)

Monday was Manicotti Monday. I made ham and cheese manicotti for Meredith, Barney, Christy, Wayne, Vicky, Katie, and my parents. I also baked them my world famous chocolate chip cookies. On the east coast, Ron was having the same dish that I had made and frozen for him (but he missed out on the cookies).

Tuesday I went to a nutritionist who said that I have an allergy to wheat and milk. Ron and I are already having a fun time trying to figure out what is left to eat in the world. That evening was more time working with Tracey in the studio.

Since I like to hang out with Tracies who have husbands named Mark... I went to get my hair done by Tracy. I miss having a regular, good, hair stylist. That afternoon the 2 Rings & A Dress team gathered for a company photo shooot.

My company head shot

Elaine, Ken, Tracey Hanson, Me, Lynette

On Friday, Christy and I went to L.A. and ate at Cha Cha Cha. It was one of those fun, hole in the wall, places with tons of character that L.A. is known for. The food was awesome but not as awesome as the decor which consisted of bright colors and TONS of Virgin Mary statues.

On Sunday I returned to my loving husband who was so sweet and brought me flowers at the airport. We missed each other a TON!

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