Sunday, September 13, 2009

North Carolina - Labor Day weekend.

Labor Day Weekend was actually a viable weekend for us. I had Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday off so we decided to contact Kathleen and see if the Connolly Family was interested in a visit. After a very excited "Yes!" it was all set for us to head down to North Carolina.

Being the Road Trip champions of the West we of course had to make some special pit stops along the way.

We were surprised as our route sent us through 5 states in one day! Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and finally North Carolina.

Having already stopped at the Maryland sign on a previous trip we zoomed on through it. As we reached West Virginia we pulled over to get another state sign added to our arsenal.

We found Virginia to be very proud of it's state bird the Northern Cardinal. Here Kelly is seen living the thug life.

Kelly would like it known that the sun was in her eyes and this was the best picture we could get.

We took a brief moment to visit Winchester , VA. Winchester is the location of the annual Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, which has existed since 1924 and draws approximately 250,000 visitors to the area. The festival includes a carnival, the longest fireman's parade and the third longest grand feature parade in the U.S., several dances and parties, and a coronation where the Apple Blossom Queen is crowned. Local school systems and many businesses close the Friday of Apple Blossom weekend.

Winchester has more than 20 different "artistic" apples that are made of various materials including wood, rubber pipe, plaster, and paint. Here is Kelly at a patriotic one we found.

Near Buena Vista and Lexington we found a building shaped like a Coffee Pot.

Natural Bridge, VA is home to... a natural bridge. They wanted you to pay $18 to see it though so I thought it best to skip that and be on our way. There was this crazy cowboy on a dinosaur outside of it though. Weird.

While in Natural Bridge we stopped at the Pink Cadillac Diner for lunch. This place was truly a roadside treat. One room was decorated in homage of Elvis. They also had a giant King Kong statue as well as a giant Humpty Dumpty statue outside.

Here I am awaiting my meal.


Natural Bridge is also home to Foamhendge. Who needs a trip to England when you can just go to Virginia and see the foam version?

We finally reached our destination state!

It was late when we arrived at Kathleen's, in Salisbury, and she was kind enough to have some chicken and macaroni & cheese waiting for us. She also made a salad just for Kelly. Peyton was very excited to have some new playdates for the weekend and immediately showed us her favorite game called Little Big Planet. For a 3-year-old her Playstation skills are amazing!

I'd also like to note that "Aunt Kelly" is Peyton's favorite by far. She even got a cuddle before bed and hug and kiss! Marc was jealous.

The next day we were taken to Dan Nicholas Park which was truly one of the best recreation parks we've ever been to.

At the park they have a little train to ride and you can even buy train whistles. I found this sign amusing.

Marc and Peyton took a ride on the Carousel.

Kelly and I were able to try a Salisbury original, Cheerwine. It tasted like a hybrid of Dr. Pepper and Cherry Pepsi. We also bought a cone of duck food to feed the ducks at the lake.

At the lake you could rent paddle boats which came in a variety of shapes including Rubber Ducky, Swan, Pelican and Dragon!

Peyton wanted a ride on this thing and couldn't figure out why Daddy couldn't magically produce quarters.

Gotta love face-cut-outs!

At the playground.

After the park Kathleen made a great taco bar for dinner. She likes to use a cooking stone which spreads the heat out. We think we might give it a shot.

The next day was Peyton's first day of Preschool! We were very lucky to be there for this milestone. Here she is ready to go.

After seeing Peyton off to school we were able to have breakfast with Kathleen and Marc at a place called Biscuitville. They had never tried it and neither had we but I think both parties would agree that it was pretty darn good.

We then headed back on the road to home but before we got to the freeway we found...


I personally found the interior impressive.

On the way back we had to make another stop at Natural Bridge to pick up a Christmas ornament Kelly had found as well as allowing me to take a picture with this guy.

We hope to visit the Connollys again very soon!

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