Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Been A While!

Ok, ok, we've been admittedly terrible at keeping up on our blog lately. Part of the problem has been that our camera took a dive into a cup of soda.

Ron has been very busy at work getting prepared for the Christmas Season as well as for the new show - Joseph - that will be opening for the first time in the Spring.

I have been madly busy with work as well. For a while I was flying back and forth from PA to CA every three weeks. I felt like I lived on a 747! My work is going really well. I have never been so happy with a job in my life. While working mostly from home presents a new set of challenges, the joy and purpose my job brings to my life is well worth it.

Here is a picture of the 2 Rings and A Dress team.

Part of my job requires me to attend industry events. For the Ceremony Magazine party I was able to bring my girlfriend, Staci.

We were blessed this fall because we received visits from Ron's Mom and Dale in September and Ron's Dad and Susan in November.

Our lease was up on our apartment in Strasburg and we took the opportunity to move into a home in the city complete with appliances and, most importantly, closets!


For Thanksgiving and Christmas Ron and I went to New York again to visit Aunt Maureen and family. We were able to take our Christmas picture at Rockefeller Center.

On Christmas Day Peyton and I made a snowman. It was my first one. We also got into a snowball fight with Ron, which neither of us had really done before. Peyton won.

For Christmas Ron surprised me with a puppy! I have always had Golden Retrievers and missed having one around. Ron loves all dogs and when he found this little one he knew she was going to be a great friend for both of us.

We named her "Katella" after one of the streets that Disneyland is on. Her full name is Katella Lot Morrissette, K-Lot for short. If you've worked for Disneyland in the last 10 years you know where that came from. Most of you know that Ron and I met while working there.

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