Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here's some catch up on what we've been doing the last three months. I think many blogs fall into these lulls of not posting and promise to do more and then never do. I won't say that, I'll just prove it in action over the next few weeks. Can we do one blog post a week? We shall see.

The Morrissette house hosted a Super Bowl party with quite a large turn out. It was mostly comprised of Sight & Sound people and their significant others. We had the TV going in the living room as well as a projector (thanks to the Atherholts) in the dining room. Lots of food and it seemed like everyone had a pretty good time.

This was our second winter in Pennsylvania. We had quite a few blizzards which was a big change for us as last winter was very mild.

Katella loved playing in the snow!

During the first week of March a local venue had Matt Kearney and Ingrid Michaelson playing. We were able to go with Ben & Kristen Dice and met up with Stephen & Jes Atherholt. We've seen Ingrid before and have decided that she needs to play more venues with chairs because we're getting old and can't stand in one place that long any more. "Darn kids get off my lawn!"

Ok that's good for now. I have some more updates and some exciting news regarding Salsa coming to the next blog post!

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D said...

EEK! So much SNOW!!! I don't know how people survive! ;)