Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Has Sprung... So Lets Eat Hot Dogs...

While winter was cold and miserable, Spring sprung up quickly and we have had some amazingly warm and wonderful days here in Lancaster. I appreciated Spring last year but the constant rain and gloom really got me down. This year however, has been sunny and full of color. Every day I find new treasures in the form of a blossoming tree, blooming daffodils, baby lambs, twittering birds, and warm breezes. I can't believe how much fun it is to just take a walk or a drive through the countryside and take it all in. Amazing!

Above is a row of trees with bright white blossoms that I saw on one of my walks. Below is the tree in front of our house that is just bursting with pretty pink petals.

Another joy of Spring is the opening of Rita's! If you have not had Rita's Italian Ice, you simply have not lived. The cost of the airfare is more than worth the trip to come visit us and partake in this delicious treat. You think I'm kidding...but I'm not.

Many of you know that we have become close friends with the Dice family (our former neighbors). Last year, you may remember, they made me a California shaped cake for my birthday. We decided to carry on the tradition by making a dice shaped cake for Kristen & Hanna's birthdays.  Made from fresh strawberries and minimal butter, this cake comes out of the oven smelling sweet and colored a pretty pink. The frosting is a light cream cheese concoction. Yummy! The design of the cake was not as artful as the Dice's California, but it was still fun to create.

He is risen! We celebrated Easter by having a small group of friends who also do not have family nearby over for a potluck. Many of you know that I am not a fan of crowds, parties, or too much socialization in general, so this gathering will mark our last for a little while. I was so flustered I managed to burn my spinach and artichoke pasta and forget to make deviled eggs which I threw together at the last minute. Not my proudest party-hosting moment. Nevertheless, it was a great joy to be able to share Easter with friends and believers.

We all celebrate the joys of Spring our own ways. While I love walks through the park and all of the flowers, my darling husband apparently likes to celebrate by raising his cholesterol level and taunting me with an impending heart attack.  Last Sunday we went straight from church (which may be the only reason he lived through this experience) to Hot Diggity Dog for their Hot Dog Challenge - 6 hot dogs, chili, cheese, your choice of sauerkraut, coleslaw, or baked beans all served on a giant sandwich roll, which, if eaten within 10 minutes, you are rewarded with a free T-Shirt. A large group of guys (and a couple of us horrified wives) showed up to cheer on the challengers. The guys stuffed their faces as quickly as they could but at the end of the 10-minutes, only one of them earned a nice new addition to their wardrobe. Ron was only off by about 10 seconds.

 Katella Lot (K-Lot) Morrissette is 5 months old now and is a giant pain in the butt. She is stubborn, energetic, playful and a bit on the co-dependent side. She likes to follow us around (especially me) and cries and barks if we leave the room and she cannot follow. I threaten to leave her on the side of the road about twice a day but Ron is pretty attached to her. I have to admit she is pretty cute.

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