Thursday, July 8, 2010


The weather is getting HOT HOT HOT out here in PA! The warm weather is OK with me since that means, camping trips, grilling out, concerts in the park, and lots of sunshine!

To kick off summer right, we went camping at Ole Bull State Park with the Dice family. The grounds were beautiful but we were overrun with tons and tons of flies that had been brought in to battle the overpopulation of moths this year. It was difficult to escape the barrage of buzzing bugs that swarmed around us during the day. Where the flies were not, the moths - in their caterpillar form - were. We ate a picnic in the shade of a tall tree one day and I was particularly horrified to find a creepy caterpillar inching up my ankle at one point and one falling from the branches above right onto my shoulder at another. The last night we were there, a storm rolled in with a fury of thunder and lightning and scared the Dice family into sleeping in their van. Ron and I were tired enough to sleep right through it and woke up to a nice clear day. Though, quite the adventure, we always enjoy time with the Dice family and we can't wait to go camping again next year. 

 The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Just in case you thought it might be someone else's country...

The Frog Hut - where we stopped for ice cream

On the way home we stopped by The Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum where the Little League World Series is played. 

June is the beginning of lightning bug season here. Ron & I still have not gotten over the novelty of them. God made glow in the dark bugs! How cool is that!?! We have discovered that Overlook Park   is a great place to walk Katella in the evening. We enjoy the cooler air as the sun sets and she enjoys running through the fields chasing lightning bugs.

Speaking of running - I have been walking and running every day in hopes of training for a 5k in the Fall. I had worked up to several miles a day jogging about 10 minute miles when I took a huge spill off of our front porch. While watering a planter box, I lost my balance and grabbed the support rail which turned out to be corroded and uh... not so supportive. I crashed through the rail, falling head first onto a large rock and then flipped over landing on my back with my knee cranked under me just in time to watch in slo-mo horror as the rain gutter came crashing down on top of me.

 The Crash Site

Now we have the fun of chasing insurance companies, and juggling doctors and physical therapy. I am being treated for a labral tear in my shoulder and a very extensive series of small fractures in my knee. So much for all that running! I'm just grateful I am not in a cast and can still walk... for now...

Over Independence day weekend, Katy, my Delta Gamma sister from Chapman came out to visit us. We took her around to some of the local attractions and shared some of our favorite places with her.

We love Katie's Kitchen

You can't have a trip to Lancaster without a quick stop at the Intercourse sign. 

We love Cherry Crest Adventure Farm! We completed the "Ultimate Challenge" in the Amazing Maize Maze in 1hour and 28 minutes. We were the 1st to complete the challenge this year... of course we were there on opening day too... One of my favorite part of Cherry Crest is being able to hold newly hatched chicks. They are SOOOO dang cute!!!!

We also took Katy to Bube's Brewery more for the atmosphere than the food. But we always enjoy eating there. 

To celebrate the 4th of July, we had planned to head over to Inner Harbor in Maryland but found it easier and more fun to grill out at home and set off fireworks in the street. Yeah, it's legal here! 

Ron is really great with the grill - I'm not sure why he decided to make it look so hard in this picture!
I made a simple marinade for the chicken thighs and the kabobs. I also threw together a red potato salad and a simple cucumber salad. Katy made a pistachio pudding salad that was really yummy. But my favorite culinary feat of the day was Peanut Butter Pie - which is a homemade vanilla custard over a thick peanut butter topped graham crust and peanut butter crumbles on top. I was quickly informed that it was delicious but not nearly as good as my signature tres leches cake. Personally, peanut butter wins any day but who am I to argue with the masses? 

Look at all that fiery fun!
I think Katy liked the sparklers almost as much as I do!

This was the "before" picture. Because a week isn't complete without me injuring myself. One sparkler later, I managed to burn a hole in one of my toes causing it to swell and blister. One of these days I'll learn to wear shoes like a normal person... but don't hold your breath. 

Happy summer all!

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