Monday, October 4, 2010

How Did That Happen...Again?

The next adventure for the Morrissettes: Working on the ms Eurodam of the Holland America Cruise Line!

Moving away from Lancaster County was not exactly what we had in mind. After a year of tough transition time (especially for Kelly!), 6 more months to decide that PA is not horrible, and finally another 6 months of actually enjoying where we lived, we had hoped to stay put for a little while. We have fallen in love with the area and when this opportunity arose for us to accept positions with a cruise line, the decision to leave was not an easy one.

Ron will be Stage Managing all of the entertainment on the MS Eurodam as she sails the Eastern Caribbean, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, St. Maarten, & Belize. This position entails quite a bit more responsibility than his current position and Ron is elated to have more to challenge him.

Kelly will be working at Club HAL which is the Kid's Club on board. We're still not sure if she will be working directly with the children or accepting a coordinator position that would allow her to have a hand in creating some of the children's programming. We'll keep you posted as decisions are made. Either way, we're excited that Kelly will be working with kids - it has always been her niche.

To answer some of the questions that we have been getting, here is a list of FAQs

Q: What about Katella?
A: Katella will be puppy-sat by her loving human grandparents, Mike & Donna. She is very excited to have 2 other Dogs (Meeka & Harbor) to play with.

Q: Wait, where will you live exactly?
A: We will live on the boat. Ron's position allows him a very nice cabin in which I will also reside. We will have busy schedules but should have time off together to explore the ports. This is the best perk of doing this job. We LOVE to travel!

Q: How long will you be gone?
A: Well, that depends. We have accepted at 4 month contract to start. If we love it, we will continue to accept contracts with anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months in-between. If we don't like it, then we'll have had a great opportunity to live expense-free for a few months and will choose where to get jobs and settle down (again) if that situation arises.

Q: So what will you do when you have 2 week or 2 months off?
A: We'll come to see YOU! Our plans include visiting friends and family, camping, and seeing more of the world.

Q: How do you get mail?
A: We get mail in Florida when we dock there each week. We'll be sending out our new address via e-mail.

Q: When do you start?
A: Ron begins on October 16th and Kelly begins in mid-November (actual date TBD). Kelly will be staying with her parents in Yorba Linda during the month without her husband. She is NOT happy about being ditched in CA for so long.

Q: Can I get a discount.
A: Yep! We are able to get a Friends & Family discount. We have a list of applicable cruises (Starting at $299 for 7 days!) and will be happy to help you book a visit to our ship. In fact we encourage it!

Q: Are you both insane?
A: Yes.

I think that about covers it. If you have more questions, you know where to find us.

As exciting as all of this is, we can't help but feel a little sad at moving on. We have learned so much these past 2 years. We have met people we have grown to love and it breaks our hearts to leave them behind. Moving is hard.


Erin Ranallo said...

Wait, first Kelly is sad about moving from SoCal, now she's upset that she's "marooned" here for a month? Geez, make up your mind!

All kidding aside, I get so exited every time I hear about you guys doing this. I keep thinking about how AWESOME this is and how it would be great to sometimes leave everything and travel. Hmm, maybe I should have married Ron. (Just Kidding, Kelly).

I can't wait to be updated with the awesomeness that is the Morrissette world.

You guys rock!

Rustin said...

You guys win for having a fun adventure. Totally killer.

Heidigal Condie said...

Oh Kelly, just think of the food! I am so envious.

jes said...

I just added you to my Google homepage! How happy am I right now?! Especially since I am entirely computer illiterate~~ YAY!
Praying for you today as you travel- make sure to take pictures of any randomness you find along the way :)