Thursday, October 7, 2010

California Here We Come

So after two years and seven days I said adieu to Sight & Sound. The Cast has been amazing to the Morrissettes and are a phenomenal group of people.

This past Saturday they held a pot-luck in honor of Kelly and I. Tricia read some amazing poetry and then we all pigged out.

For my last day (Wednesday) they all dressed up in nautical/beach attire!

My last day was also the day of our HD video shoot. So when the Joseph DVD comes out I'll truly have a lasting memory of my final shows.

That evening our friends Steve and Jes hosted a Bon Voyage party for us. They (Steve and Jes) are the type of people you want in your life forever and I'm glad they're a part of ours.

As for today... MOVING DAY... I've learned that saying "We'll pack the car in the morning and leave by 8:00 AM" really means "We'll pack the car in the morning after taking two loads to the storage unit and realizing that you have to FedEx two suitcases so really you're leaving after lunch and why are you kidding yourself."

Oh and I failed to mention that for the first time in my life I was stung by a bee. While packing the car a bee landed on my shirt and Kelly says "A bee landed on your shirt" to which I say "I know" and at that moment the little bugger stung me! I would just like to say holy cr@p that hurt! But I now know that I am not allergic and my mother who just freaked out by reading this can rest at ease that I am ok and my arm barely shows any remnants of the viscous attack.

But I digress...

So the original plan was to head to Knoxville, TN but that got switched to Roanoke, VA and I'm glad it did because we are tired! Katella is doing very well in the car but you can tell that she would much rather be chasing her ball outside. We've taken this route before so we didn't stop at anything fascinating but tomorrow will be a real treat because our friend Brian hooked us up with (drumroll) DOLLYWOOD TICKETS! Yes we're nerds and are very excited. Rustin, if you're reading this, I know your are super jealous right now. While we're at Dollywood, Katella gets to play at Doggywood. No, I'm not making that up.

So from the Howard Johsnon in fabulous Daleville, VA we're signing off from Road Trip Day 1. Stay tuned for more updates from the road.


Katie said...

I'm posting a comment and saying, I hope Dollywood is all Trevor and I have ever thought it would be. I promised I'd take him there, a ticket was booked, but I moved back to CA the week we would visit, so our Dollywood visit is still something we can look forward to. Good luck on the move.

Rustin said...


I'd like to celebrate a little longer, but my jealousy won't allow it. I'm several shades of green that you're going to Dollywood.

Have fun, and safe travels...