Friday, October 8, 2010

Hooray for Dollywood

Today was full of promise that was sadly overshadowed by Katella giving us a heart attack. I shall explain:

We ended up finishing Road Trip day 1 at the Howard Johnson in Daleville, VA. Road Trip day 2 began with continental breakfast and then we hit the road.

Somewhere in VA we ran into this giant pencil. Well.. not literally.

At the suggestion of the Schnecks we stopped at Bojangles for lunch. It was pretty good fried chicken but we both agreed that fried chicken is a bit too much for a full day on the road.

Soon we arrived in Tennessee!

As mentioned yesterday, we were heading to Dollywood. At the Pigeon Forge offramp we stopped and I rolled down the windows. As we were turning left a bag shifted inside, scared Katella, and she jumped out the window! Since we are good puppy parents she was harnessed in but she managed to pull the strap far enough so she was dangling out the window. Fortunately we were going slow, as we were barely turning left from a stop, and she came away without a scratch. As for Kelly and I, well we had heart attacks that stayed with us the rest of the day.

Finally we made it to Dollywood which was very fun and a good break from the driving.

 Katella got to play at Doggywood!

 And after a little more driving we arrive at our hotel for the night.


Dice Family of Strasburg said...

Were you trying to recreate the scene from National Lampoon's Vacation? Poor K-lot.

Susan G said...

I love to live vicariously through my friends' vacations! I could do without the dog scare, tho. We have a new puppy, so I felt your pain. Safe travels!

D said...

Thank goodness you're good dog-parents! Glad Katella is OK! Have fun in Dollywood!