Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Last Day of Road Trip 2010... And More!

We have decided Sedona is one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. Incredible! We enjoyed the sunset from our room and a delicious dinner the night we arrived, but we were really in for a treat the following day. We woke up early and took a short, hour long hike with Katella. She loved it as much as we did and we were amused to note that her fur matches the red dirt. 

A few hours later, we snuck in a quick Pink Jeep Tour through the hills.

It was really amazing to see how much natural beauty is out there in Sedona and learn about how it was all created. For example, did you know that the craggy hills were caused by millions of years of deposits and that now they are in their corrosion phase? And that the red in the soil is caused by iron mixing with the elements to produce rust? Our Guide was very informative!

We did quite a bit of off-roading on the tour. it was fun to see what these Jeeps could do!

Arizona marked another event that we had been anxiously awaiting: In N Out!!!! Finally, we hit the first In N Out of our trip in Phoenix and we eagerly gobbled up burgers (a Double Double Animal Style for Ron & a grilled cheese for me) and fries. Oh SO good and worth every last calorie. 

At this point in our trip we were ready to get out of the car for a few days... and so was Katella! We were excited to pull into my parent's driveway in Yorba Linda

Two days later, Ron flew off to Florida to sail away in the Caribbean leaving me to enjoy friends and family in So Cal for a few weeks. 

Over the last two weeks, I have been able to see a lot of wonderful people! I'm very grateful to have so many friends to spend time with while I'm here. My hometown adventures have included: having my hair done by the amazing Tracy Samaniego, El Ranchito with Chrissy Hodges, dinner with Lindsay Berganthal and her adorable daughter Maddie, Manicotti Monday with Mi-Bo & Ri-Bo, lunch at Jalapeno's with Johnnie, Parker & Ryen, baby-sitting for Zaida Harper and visiting with Steve & Nalaina. Below are some other highlights of my visits.

Here's Jen teaching at Marymount College (which is my alma matter and my favorite of the two undergrad colleges I attended). Since Jen and I went to Marymount together, it was fun albeit a little amusing to watch her teach. She does a great job and you can tell that the students really get a lot out of the class.  After class, we joined Susie Martin (My advisor from when I attended Marymount and one of my favorite people ever!) for dinner and mud pie at The Redondo Beach Brewing Company.

 Another fun experience was taking Megan Galligan (who is only recently of legal drinking age) out for a night of fun and debauchery. (Now, keep in mind that this young lady is a truly upstanding individual who earned her Girl Scout Gold Award, is thriving as a senior at UCLA, and is an all around wonderful person... who happens to be the daughter of the doctor I went to since childhood. Her mother is going to KILL me. *sigh*)

First we went to Pan Asia in Costa Mesa for Mongolian BBQ (which I lovingly refer to as "Pocket Bread"). I'm excited to say that she enjoyed it as much as I do. Yum!

Then we went to Goat Hill Tavern where Megan experienced her first Long Island Iced  Tea, a game of shuffleboard, and a very creepy, very drunk man who wanted to chat.

Then onto Dave & Busters for a TON of Skee Ball and my one drink of the night (I do NOT drive after more than one drink - no way!) - A chocolate cake shot.

I would now like to take this opportunity to mention that I am not, in fact, 21 anymore and it was 11pm. I was ready for bed.

But Megan is 21 and was not ready for bed. So after a quick visit with her younger brother Matt and sister Madison (both also incredible kids), we went to TGIFridays where Megan enjoyed her first Cosmopolitan Martini which happens to be my favorite. 

 After that, I finally gave up pretending to be in my 20's and took Megan home. I had such a fun night with my "little sis" and I can't wait to see her again in February... unless she happens to book that cruise for Christmas break!!!

Last night was the Mariners Church Harvest Festival. I took Rianna Bowdish and met up with Lindsay and Maddie and later Johnnie, Parker & Ryen Olthoff.
 Together with the Olthoffs, we won two cakes in a row on the cake walk! Parker & Ryen chose a pumpkin cake and Rianna chose a Frankenstein cake. I deemed myself Queen of the Cakewalk.

Rianna also enjoyed the Chik Fil A cow. 

And that just about catches you up! I have a few more days in CA and then on the 5th, I catch a plane to Florida to join my husband on the Eurodam. I am very excited! He seems to be loving his job so far but I know that once we are together, it will be a LOT more fun. I'll keep you all in the loop!

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