Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ron & Kelly Together Again

After what seemed like forever, Kelly was finally able to join me aboard the ship last Saturday. Woohoo!

Since Kelly has had the computer and shipboard internet is worse than dial-up there hasn't been a Ron update yet. A full Ron low-down will be coming soon but this blog will be about our first week on-board together. I'll skip the boring work and day to day stuff (I know some of you are curious so I will write on that soon) and stick to the fun stuff.

Kelly and the Eurodam weren't friends until day 3. The first two days she was big time sea sick and then it just went away. Now her sea legs are coming along well.

In general our ship schedule is:
Saturday - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Sunday - @ Sea
Monday - Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands
Tuesday - San Juan, Puerto Rico
Wednesday - St. Thomas, USVI
Thursday - @ Sea
Friday - Half Moon Cay (pronounced key), Bahamas

We weren't able to go ashore at Grand Turk this week because I had "In Port Manning" or IPM. Basically I have to stay on board in case of emergency. This happens once every 8 days or so for me. Kelly didn't mind as she was just glad the ship stopped moving for an extended period.

The first port we saw together was San Juan.

As we sailed in we passed Fort San Felipe del Morro which is a 16th Century Citadel designed to guard the entrance to San Juan Bay and defend the city of Old San Juan.

Here we are with Senior Frog in San Juan

The next day Kelly got to experience her first life raft drill.

St. Thomas was where we got to spend the most time exploring.

We took a gondola to the top of one of the hills/mountains and saw some great views.

It's hard to see but my finger is touching Puerto Rico in the far distance. The cruise ship in the picture is the Norwegian Pearl.

 Kelly likes the gondola up to Paradise Point.

Iguanas have pretty much taken over the Cruise Port in St. Thomas. Here is our friend staring at the Eurodam.

Every week we go to go to Holland America Line's private island of Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. Here I am pointing to Los Angeles. The beach there is amazing!

We spend most of the day floating in the water and enjoying the sun. It's November, right?

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