Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Where on the Eurodam?" ... the beginning

This week has not felt like the beginning of Christmas season one bit. Last year we were freezing our butts off and fretting over the impending snow and this year we’re working on our tans and floating around the Caribbean. It’s a little surreal.

Last week in Fort Lauderdale we picked up a world map at Barnes & Nobel with the intention of placing dots on all of the places we have been. Well, we have the lower half of the US covered pretty well but aside from that and a few random islands and France, we have a long way to go. We’re excited to cover more of the world during this time in our lives

Here's some pics of the room for those who haven't seen them yet.

We know many of you are really interested in seeing the ways of shipboard life, so we’ve devised a little game for you all. Each week, we’ll post a few close-up pictures of items or places aboard the Eurodam in a section entitled “Where on the Eurodam.” Your job is to leave a comment guessing where or what the picture is of. The following week, we will post wider shots showing you more of the item or place in question and we’ll post stories or anecdotes relating. Winner gets a very coveted shout out. This will be especially fun for those of you who have been on the Eurodam already or will be joining us in the future.

Where on the Eurodam?”


So, more about the details of ship life next week! Meanwhile, we’ll fill you in on the week. Tuesday, Kelly again did not get to see Grand Turk because the winds had kicked up so badly that we couldn’t dock. She was really bummed because she has been itching to visit the Turks and Caicos Islands for several years now. That and she’s not a huge fan of days at sea. Wednesday Ron had In Port Manning (IPM) in Puerto Rico and Kelly didn’t have much desire to explore on her own, so we were on the ship for several days. Thursday we finally got off the ship to visit St. Thomas. We had intended to go on a catamaran excursion since most excursions are free for us as long as they are not sold out. Unfortunately Thanksgiving week caused an influx of passengers and we will have to wait until next week. So our day in St. Thomas was spent mostly browsing through the zillion little shops in the downtown area, including Tiffany & Co. where Kelly tried to convince Ron that she was in need of a $20,000 diamond tennis bracelet. That did not end well for her. 

We also happened upon a little hole-in-the-wall cafĂ© just outside of the tourist area. We went in and asked the owner to serve us whatever he liked best. We ended up with jerk chicken (amazing), saltfish, rice, veggies and a bottle of hot sauce that we were told was “made in some dude’s backyard.” We love finding out of the way, local places to eat and we’re rarely disappointed. Next week, we’re planning to hunt down some conch fritters. 

Thursday night we celebrated Thanksgiving with a barely passable turkey dinner. There was turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing – none of which was very good – and that was as far as the similarities to Thanksgiving dinner went. Sides included shrimp, asparagus, polenta, and ravioli. But when you live aboard a Dutch born and operated ship, you can’t have too high of expectations in regards to American celebrations. (Thanksgiving dinner pictures coming soon!) 

Friday, Kelly started a workout program called P90X with a few girls onboard. She has been working out faithfully for the past couple months and was convinced to step it up a notch by Isabelle, the magician’s wife and a silks performer/former ice skater/insane workout queen. This morning Kelly could barely move after her first day of training and feels that if she endures this much agony, then she should automatically be a size 6 and fully toned. 

Thus completes another week aboard the Eurodam. Make sure to play along with our Where on the Eurodam? game and we’ll see ya all next Saturday!

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jes said...

Whoa. P90?! Kelly...straight up you're my hero. I would not go NEAR that workout! Steve does it, and from all the sounds that emanate from the room, it seems like some intensely cruel form of torture. So-- luck to you!! Enjoy your beautiful, insanely worked body!! :)
miss you peeps~